The weather in Iceland

If you have contemplated doing a trip to Iceland, you have most likely heard of the Icelandic weather already. From late August to April, even in May at times, the one thing one can say about the weather is it can change really fast, much faster than most people are used to. The diversity in the weather is no reason to worry, one just have to plan ahead. Actually, there are more and more visitors who embraces the dynamic weather for it adds an extra dimension to the Iceland experience.

All year camping in IcelandDepending on what time of year you decide to rent a camper and drive around here, there are so many details one can enjoy due to the ever changing weather. From the long, long shadows that never disappears to the biggest swells on the black sand beach Reynisfjara, from the black, ominous clouds in the distance that never seems to reach you while you are bathing in blinding sunshine to thick snowfall cutting your visibility to zero (i.e. no driving condition).

All year camping in IcelandWhatever the weather, the most important thing is to be prepared for it. During seasons when it can change rapidly, it can be of the utmost importance to to know what’s ahead, what kind of weather is to be expected. Since you would be driving in one of our camper vans, you have free WiFi and can therefore, with ease, follow the weather forecast on. As you can read from our CamperStories contributors, they all find the campers to be very warm and toasty due to the inboard heating system so cold while sleeping is never a problem.

Below you have an interactive map of the weather forecast. By moving the arrow, you can see what is predicted for the days ahead. (you will be taken to the official site of the Icelandic Met office)

Weather in Iceland

By knowing what’s ahead, you can plan your trip better and be more safe.

If you find it hard to read the maps, you can always trust our colleagues at Safe Travel and the Icelandic road administration. Both working hard for your safety. Safe travel has a free service we highly recommend you use. You only have to fill out a form with your travel plans and hit send. In case you are unlucky and get stuck in snow somewhere or find yourself in winds way too strong to drive in, the guys at Safe travel are there for your emergencies and the more information they have, the better position they are in to help you in times of need.

Equally important is to know the road conditions on your planned route. One way to do that is by just looking at the live cams from the roads you plan to drive. You can find them here! If you click below on the area you are planning to drive, you will be taken to the latest news of the road conditions for that area, provided by the Icelandic road administration.

The road conditions in the Westfjords in Iceland Road condition in North Iceland Road conditions in the northeast of Iceland

Road conditions in west Iceland Road conditions in the highlands in Iceland Road conditions in East Iceland

 Road conditions in south Iceland Road conditions in south Iceland Road conditions in southeast Iceland

| The entire country | South Iceland | South‑West Iceland | West Iceland | The Westfjords |

| North Iceland | North‑East Iceland | East Iceland | South‑East Iceland |

While winter camping in Iceland, we recommend you use those all year around campsites we have here. Below is an interactive map with all the campgrounds that are  open all year around. It’s a map that is continuously worked on so be sure to up to dates where you can camp off season.

Map with all year campsites in Iceland

Winter camping in Iceland might sound extreme but it really isn’t, it only requires planning and keeping yourself up to date with the weather forecast and road conditions and act accordingly. If you do, you will have a very memorable vacation, a story to pass on to others.

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