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Please read testimonials, reviews and camper stories that our costumers have sent us. They tell the hole story about there experience, renting a Icelandic Campervan

Biggest campervan rental in Iceland

We are proud to own and operate the largest Camper rental in Iceland. We have the perfect Campervan for you, weather you just plan to drive ring road or visit the Highlands

24/7 Road assistant

We offer large scale road assistance open 24 hours - around the Icelandic ring road. Weather you have questions or need help, we are one phonemail away- always!

Heating System

You will not experiance cold in your Campervan. All our campers are equipped with Webasto heating system for cold nights. How cool (warm) is that !

MMC 4×4 Camper (Manual)

  • Seats 5 persons
  • Sleeps 4 persons
  • Diesel
  • Manual
  • Heating System

Dacia Duster 4×4

  • Seats 5 persons
  • Sleeps 4 persons
  • Diesel
  • Manual

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  • Do you offer vehicles service all around the country?
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  • When we visit Iceland, what campsite do you recommend to choose to stay over night?
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  • Where can i find Icelands most cheap grocery stores?
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Elena Sánchez

We rented a camper van with for two people for 6 days in Iceland. It was a small one but was amazingly well equipped, with everything you need to cook and eat, and with a heater working on a... Read more

Petra Geckova

Great!!! Reading the reviews here before booking I was not very sure what to expect. I did a lot of research of dozen camper rental companies and compared prices, extra included in the car and in the... Read more

Allison Buck

Snagged a VW Caddy for our 7 day trip in Iceland. No issues at all, quite comfortable and reliable. The staff were friendly and helpful, they have a free shuttle service to and from the airport, and... Read more

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A Trip You’ll Never Forget

Iceland is a dream destination for a good reason. It’s one of the most unique vacation spots in the world. You experience an alien-like landscape full of geysers, beautiful mountains, and scenic views.

And there’s no better way to explore this beautiful Nordic island than with a camper. Journey to your desired destinations at your own pace, plan your trip on your terms, and avoid the crowds all on four-wheels.

While venturing the Icelandic wilderness, you will stay rested and well-fed with living and kitchen quarters. At, we have a wide range of campers that are fully equipped to provide you with optimal comfort. 
[read more]

Why Camper Vans?

Iceland van rental is becoming more popular every year. Travelers from all over the world are witnessing the benefits of driving and living in campers.

For one thing, if you find reliable camper van rentals in Iceland, you can explore the country at your own pace. Therefore, feel free to make an itinerary suitable for your preferences.

What’s more, while in the remote parts of the island, you don’t have to worry about finding lodging. Your Iceland camper rental will provide you with shelter, warmth, and a comfortable bed to get you rested for the next day’s adventure.

Intimately connecting with Iceland is a true traveler’s desire. With the camper, you are steps away from exploring its beautiful terrain. Better yet, you have front row seats to soak it all in. A camper simply eases your access to bond with the country’s nature up close and personally.

There are countless year-round campsites located in all parts of Iceland, so you don’t have to be strict about your schedule. You are free to drive your Iceland van camper to the nearest campsite when you are ready to end the day. 

Visiting Iceland

Even though Iceland camper van rentals are the best way to explore Iceland, you may still have questions. For example, what main attractions can you look forward to while cruising? 

Well, in Iceland, you never run out of things to see once you hit the open road.

For some, the biggest highlight may be the geothermal baths and pools. These natural healing hot tubs are found throughout the country. Simply drive up, dive in, and chill out. The freedom of a camper allows you to stay as long as you wish.

Others may find the Northern Lights to be a must-see. From autumn to mid-spring, visitors travel long distances to watch these rare breathtaking lights dance across the night sky. Just have your camera ready to capture it all.

Still, some find the most joy interacting with the most majestic creatures on Earth, Icelandic whales. Seeing the towering mountains rising high above the landscape serves as the perfect backdrop for this adventure. 

By choosing to rent a camping car in Iceland, you experience all of the above and much more.  As mentioned before, there isn’t a more special place on Earth.  You are sure to find at least a few things that will take your breath away while on the road. Iceland Experts

We’ve covered why it makes sense to rent a camper van in Iceland. We also highlighted which stunning sights to look forward to. Now let’s go over the main reasons to choose as your Iceland camper rental company.

After all, there are a few companies offering similar services. So why should we provide you the camper van for your unforgettable adventure?

First, we are a local and small company located near Keflavik International Airport. We take pride in providing each of our customers with the best solution for every situation.

Eleanor, our representative, greets all of our customers. She is dedicated to making sure your needs are met. Meanwhile, Baldur, our shop manager, maintains the campers. He ensures they are all in top shape. Then, he customizes them according to the demands of Icelandic touring and customer feedback.

Our Iceland camper rental vehicles have provided countless customers with unforgettable experiences. You can read about some of the best on our dedicated stories page. We hope to help you have the Icelandic vacation of your dreams.

We will meet you as soon as you land. Upon arrival, all the information that you need to ensure you have the best trip possible is provided. Not to mention, we will always be available in case you need our help.

Few places match the awe-inspiring experience of exploring Iceland’s locations in a camping car. But to ensure a smooth and worry-free trip, choose reliable caravan rentals in Iceland with high-quality vehicles and the necessary assistance.

At, our goal is to satisfy each and every customer that we serve. That includes you. Contact our team today to get started planning your Iceland getaway! This will be an experience that you’ll never forget.