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Adventure trip to Iceland

These 2 couples rented 2 camper vans & made their own adventure trip to Iceland by driving the full Ring road & writing this lovely CamperStories!

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Winner CamperStories November 2017

The winner of the CamperStories competition for November 2017 has been chosen. The winner receives a full refund of their camper van rental, up to 7 days.

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Ice-van-dic Adventure

Here is a brilliant CamperStories about how to be a responsible camper van tourist in Iceland with all its pros & cons. This is a true adventure in Iceland!

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Travel stories from Iceland

Travelling in a Camper van in Iceland is all about FREEDOM as this couple shows us in their CamperStories entry! A true Iceland Adventure!

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The incredible country called Iceland

Is it time for you to visit the incredible country of Iceland, rent a camper van & write a CamperStories about your adventure on the Ring road?

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Girls on tour in Iceland

These Dutch girls went on tour around South Iceland in a camper van. Their CamperStories is full of tips, ideas & happiness along ice lakes & black beaches.

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