• Nat & Lewis Iceland CamperStories

    Another lovely CamperStories from Scotland. Nat & Lewis camped in the wild, had sites for themselves and could not get enough of their camper van trip in Iceland.

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  • Kay and Andy’s Excellent AdVANture

    Meet Kay & Andy! They found Iceland to be full of wonderful surprises & they loved traveling the Ring road in a Camper Van rental!

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  • Wanderlust in Iceland

    Colleen & Diego satisfied their wanderlust by going on a camper van trip around Iceland. This is their entry for the CamperStories competition. A great story with a lot of information about driving around Iceland.

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  • Iceland Iceland Iceland

    3 German girls came here to the land of Ice and fire and thought their camper was fantastic for travel in Iceland. Read their lovely CamperStories and the attack of the sheep!

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  • Going on a road trip in Iceland

    Planning a trip to Iceland? Check out all the information these 3 travellers wants to share with you. Rent a camper and drive around in your pace. A CamperStories full of info about Iceland.

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  • Best way to experience Iceland

    2 cousins found the best way to experience Iceland and it‘s by renting a camper van according to them! They also agreed t hat diving in Silfra is the best activity. Read all about it in their CamperStories entry.

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  • How to explore Iceland

    Explore Iceland in a camper van like this couple did. They got everything from whale watching & stunning Northern lights displays. They also wrote a great CamperStories with slideshows & a video.

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  • Our Colorado based Icelandic love story

    This is an Icelandic love story from Colorado, a beautiful CamperStories full of personal thoughts and contemplation about travelling in Iceland, using a camper van.

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  • Winner CamperStories October 2016

    We found our winner for the November 2016 CamperStories contest. The winner will receive a full refund of their camper van rental. Congratulations goes to... :)

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