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About us

We are a camper van rental company in Iceland with a office 3km from Keflavik international airport. We offer campers in all sizes. From small, cozy campers for two to big campers with space enough for 5 people.  We also have 4×4 camper vans in our fleet, suitable to cross the highland on the mountain road Kjölur (which only can be done during summer).

Our main goal is to give our customers outstanding service and our motto is that all customers leaves our office happy.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us info@rent.is


Repair shop manager

Favorite food: Goose
Favorite place: Glaciers

If Icelandic law would permit, Baldur could make our Campers fly and make them amphibious for he is a wizard in the repair shop. There is nothing he can't build or repair and to prove that, he has built his own motorcycle scooter. Yes, a motorbike running on tracks in the rear and a ski at the front.


Sales rep. in Reykjavík

Favorite food: Japanese
Favorite place: Reykjavik

Eleanor is our office sunshine in Reykjavik. She meets everybody with a beatiful smile every morning and greets clients like they all are her friends. When she isn't making sure the office runs like a well oiled machine, she sings to her heart's content which she has done internationally too.


Keflavik office, Flugvellir 20, 230 Keflavik - Open Monday to Friday: 24 Hours, weekends: 24 Hours

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