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Iceland Christmas: How to Have the Best Trip Ever

An Iceland Christmas is one of the most magical experiences you can have. While you’re sitting beside a warm fire with the radiant northern lights as a backdrop, you’ll be amazed as the festivities swell around you. With Icelandic Christmas characters spilling into the streets, you’ll have a holiday you will never forget. We’ve put... Read more

Visiting Iceland in Spring

   Spring is one of the best seasons for visiting Iceland. Although it’s a short season, it showcases all the magnificent nature wonders this Artic country has to offer. Although the winter and summer season are most popular, experiencing Iceland in spring is an unforgettable experience for many reasons. The weather is much better compared... Read more

Things you Need to Know About Iceland Winter

 There’s nothing quite like Iceland winter anywhere on earth. Winter is a fabulous season for visiting this unique country for various reasons: it’s less crowded, the hotels and flights are cheaper, and you can see the majestic Northern Lights. Before you start packing, we’ve prepared several important things you should know about Iceland winter travel.... Read more

What To Do In Iceland? 9 Can’t Miss Activities

   Iceland is located in the remote North Atlantic Ocean. However, that doesn’t stop the “land of ice and fire” from being a top destination on many travelers’ bucket lists.    From its stunning natural wonders and ethereal beauty to the myths and legends of Icelandic folklore: it’s no wonder over two million tourists visit... Read more

Hidden Gems of Iceland, part 2

Part 2   In the first part of our Blog about Iceland´s secret places we already introduced some tips for excursions and hikes to places, which are usually not so much crowded, and the parking lots are not all day full of tour busses… And there are of course many more. Some are accessible to... Read more

Our Weekend Trip to Iceland

We are two couples (32, 26, 34 and 41 years old) and we were already thinking about going on a weekend trip to Iceland for quite a while. We thought the country and nature may be best explored by camping, so we decided to rent a Camper to travel together and have a mini vacation... Read more