Gas stations in Iceland

When you arrive in a new country, there are always new things to learn, new customs to experience and getting to know. One thing everybody renting a camper van need to learn is to how and where fill your car with fuel, diesel if you rent a camper or a motor home with us.

Gas stations in IcelandSo, in general, a gas station is a gas station wherever you are, same goes for Iceland. One difference might be in how you pay for your fuel at a self service station or after hours. Visa cards works perfectly well but you need a card with the chip and a 4 digit PIN number to be able to fill your camper at self service stations or after hours. If you want to be on the safe side in case you forgot to get a PIN code for your credit card, you can always buy a pre-paid gas card you can use after hours. But be wise if you buy those for there is no refund if you don’t use up the card. Most self service pump stations do not accept cash. You can only use cash during opening hours. You might find a self service station that accepts cash too but they are not many.

Gas pumps in Iceland. Diesel vs petrolIf you fill up your camper van or motor home during opening hours, after you are ready, go inside and before you pay for your fuel, show the discount tag you get from us when you pick up your camper, and then pay. That is the only way to get the rebate the tag offers. You can’t use it in self service stations.

Americans should also note that diesel pumps here in Iceland have black handles while ordinary gasoline have green handles.

So where are all those gas stations? Below is an interactive map with not only information about locations but also the price for the gas at the station you click on. Since you will have free WiFi in the camper, you can use the map while driving around Iceland. A good rule of thumb is, if you pass a petrol station and you are below half a tank, fill it up before continuing on your journey.

Map of Gas Stations in Iceland by TripCreator

Petrol stations in Iceland plays a huge role in the social life of a few small villages around Iceland. In many places, the station has everything from a restaurant, a grocery store, retail sore where you can for example buy fishing gear all the service you need. You can also rinse off your camper for free in most places since there is a chance your camper will be dusty and/or muddy.  There is not a gas station where food is offered where you can’t get the famous Icelandic hot dog but there are other types of food too, some better than others. Usually the food is deep fried things, burgers, easy to prep and cook stuff but there are always exceptions to the rules. you might be lucky to find the freshest fish cooked by a high end cook.

How to fill your car in IcelandIf you are driving a motor home rental and need to dispose of lavatory water, many stations offers that too.

You will most likely find out everything that is going on in the area you are in at the gas station. They will have a bulletin board with information of all the local events and all the brochures for that area.

Although many gas stations offer all kind of service you need while on your road trip, do not use the stations as a given. Buy gas or food or whatever you need before using their restrooms for example. Buy something to drink if you are just rinsing off the camper or buy some snacks at least if you are using their bathrooms.

So, have your credit card with the chip and PIN number with you or buy a prepaid gas card at any station, fill your camper when it’s half full, keep your windows clean, be rested and enjoy the most fantastic trip you have ahead of you!

Update: Gas station App

Find out how far it is to the nearest gas station with this handy app made for Iceland

Gas station App Iceland

This app is only available for Android phones.

Download it here:

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