While camping around Iceland, you will be driving on some fantastic roads, pass some amazing tunnels but you can also travel with ferries in Iceland. You can bring your camper rental on a few of them while others only carries people. Here is all you need to know about all the ferries here.

The Ferry to the Westfjords

The ferry between Snæfellsnes to the Westfjords in Iceland.The Ferry Baldur's first stop. FlateyThis ferry shortens th drive to the Westfjords from Reykjavik considerably. Sæferðir (Seatours)  leaves from Stykkishólmur on the north side of Snæfellsnes. You need to book a ticket in advance when you are taking your rental car to go to the Westfjords.

The ferry Baldur makes a first stop at Flatey, a simply adorable island in the middle of the fjord with, during season, has an abundance of bird life, a great hotel with fantastic food and a very quiet country life where people come to take a load off, to rejuvenate. There are no cars allowed on Flatey so if Flatey is your only destination, you have to leave the car in Stykkishólmur! Baldur makes a short stop at Flatey before continuing north to Brjánslækur in the Westfjords.

Unfortunately, there is no time for sightseeing on Flatey if you are going north (or south) so you will have to make a special trip to do that. The is a cafeteria and a restaurant on board with meals and beverages. The sail takes just a little over two hours. The photo on top is a picture of the ferry Baldur. The schedule to for Baldur you can find here!

GPS Stýkkishólmur:  65° 4’39.69″N   22°43’24.22″W

GPS Brjánslækur:  65°31’48.92″N   23°11’26.46″W

GPS Flatey:  65°22’16.08″N   22°55’45.74″W

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The Ferry to Hrísey

The ferry to Hrísey in Eyjafjörður in North IcelandThe ferry Sævar in Eyjafjörður in North IcelandThe ferry Sævar takes you, every second hour (and back) out to Hrísey, a wonderful little island in the north side in Eyjafjörður, the fjord going north from Akureyri. You can’t bring your rental car on this one and you don’t need it for Hrísey is a very small island with an abundant bird life and views in all directions.

The ferry starts from Árskógssandur and it takes around 15 minutes or so to reach Hrísey. This ferry is very punctual and will leave you even if they see you driving down to the harbour.

GPS Árskógssandur:  65°56’43.53″N   18°21’22.06″W

GPS Hrísey:  65°58’44.33″N   18°22’56.28″W

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The ferry to Westman Islands

The ferry to westman islands in IcelandIf the Westman islands, the beautiful islands south of Iceland is one of your destinations here, you can take the ferry Herjólfur to the islands. The ferry goes a few times a day depending on the day of the week and the season.

Recently they built a new harbor for the ferry and it’s called Landeyjarhöfn (see map below) but due to the harbor filling up with sand at times, the ferry leaves at times from the original port in Þorlákshöfn which is a longer sail. Check out the schedule on their homepage where the ferry to Westman islands leaves. The sail from Landeyjarhöfn takes about 35 minutes in good weather and from Þorlákshöfn it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes. You have to arrive 30 minutes before departure.

Herjólfur takes 60 cars and 388 passengers. It has 3 indoor passenger areas. A lounge, a cafeteria and a TV room. There is also a children’s area and seating all over the ship.

GPS Þorlákshöfn: 63°51’43.85″N   21°22’30.76″W

GPS Landeyjarhöfn:  63°31’51.90″N   20° 7’4.30″W

GPS Westman islands:  63°26’39.80″N   20°16’7.63″W

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The Ferry to Grímsey

The ferry Sæfari takes you to GrímseyThe Ferry Sæfari that takes you to Grímsey, Iceland's most northern islandThe ultimate ferry ride in Iceland must be to take the ferry to Grímsey, Iceland’s most northern island. The ferry leaves from Dalvík and after you arrive in Grímsey after a three hour sail, you only have to walk a few minutes north and you will pass the Arctic circle, the only piece of land in Iceland where you can do just that.

The ferry sails three times a week and takes 108 passengers. There are two guest houses to stay in if you chose to do so. Bird watching and enjoying the midnight sun is very popular there too. During summer you would do well to book in advance for the tickets goes fast when the sun is high and the sea is calm.

GPS Dalvík:  65°58’19.75″N   18°31’40.32″W

GPS Grímsey:  66°32’18.38″N   18° 1’6.09″W

The ferry to Viðey

The ferry to Viðey in IcelandViðey is a small island just outside Reykjavik. It’s the island where you can find Yoko Ono’s Peace Tower. The ferry to Viðey is not necessarily the boat in the pic to the right. Elding has been running these ferries since 2007 and they change the ferries at times. There are no roads on Viðey so leave your rental car in the car park just by the ferry. Viðey offers a different view of Reykjavik and it’s a great island to spend a day on. Bring a pick nick basket or enjoy the restaurant on the island.

GPS Reykjavik:  64° 9’22.40″N   21°52’2.56″W

GPS Viðey:  64° 9’40.04″N   21°51’19.69″W

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Ferry to Hornstrandir

Ferry to Hornstrandir & AðalvíkThe ferry to HornstrandirHornstrandir in the northern parts of the Westfjords must be one of the most remote destinations in Iceland but it’s accessible by a small ferry that takes you there and other places too if you want. They leave you there and pick you up when you want them to. The Ferry to Hornstrandir is too big to reach ashore so when you reach your destination, you will be ferried to the beach in a Zodiac. The ferry leaves from Ísafjörður. Early bookings gives guarantees you a ticket for they do get fully booked on many of the trips. Upon request, you can get transport to Fljótavík, Hlöðuvík and Hornbjargsviti.

GPS Ísafjörður:  66° 4’15.50″N   23° 7’16.39″W

GPS Hornstrandir:  66°20’36.08″N   23° 4’54.67″W

Ferry to Látravík

Ferry to Látravík in the Westfjords in IcelandFerry to Látravík from NorðurfjörðurWe have no more information about the ferry to Látravík than what is displayed on their homepage. Norðurfjörður is one of the most desolate villages in Iceland and many inhabitants have left the village but people still live there. The road there is rough and very often closed during the winter. The boat also takes you to Reykjarfjörður where there are two small summerhouses for rent and one a bit bigger. You can book the ferry through West tours.

GPS Norðurfjörður:  66° 3’4.59″N   21°32’57.57″W

GPS Reykjarfjörður:  66°15’24.95″N   22° 5’10.27″W

GPS Látravík:  66°24’38.81″N   22°22’46.33″W

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Ferry to Papey

The ferry to Papey in East IcelandThe ferry between Djúpivogur and Papey in east IcelandPapey is a small island just outside Djúpivogur on the east coast of Iceland. Papey was inhabited from the settlement of Iceland until the year 1966. There still is a lighthouse, a dwelling house, a church and a weather station on the island. The ferry to Papey is a small, comfortable boat which leaves once a day to the island. The whole trip takes about 4 hours and includes a walk on the isand.

GPS Papey:  64°35’34.28″N   14°10’11.64″W

GPS Djúpivogur:  64°39’27.23″N   14°16’56.50″W

The ferry to Drangey

The ferry to DrangeyTake the ferry to Drangey from SauðárkrókurDrangey is situated in north Iceland and is a paradise for bird watchers. For those of you who does not want to take a ferry to Drangey, you can always swim and become of a member of that exclusive list! The island is 180m tall and is an adventure to visit. The whole trip takes around 3 hours and it includes a hike to the top of the island. Often whales are spotted on that trip. During summer they have daily trips at 11:00pm.

GPS Drangey:  65°56’37.37″N   19°41’19.47″W

GPS Sauðárkrókur:  65°45’6.43″N   19°39’7.76″W

Life is only what you make of it. The sea expands your thoughts, helps you focus on what’s important, go places, see people, experience life off the beaten path, you’ll have stories to tell your grandchildren. Take the ride, break free from the herds and go to remote locations and enjoy life!


Happy exploring!  #WohoCamper

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