Top 10 camping sites in Iceland

Now when you have decided to go camping in Iceland, you are spoiled for choice. You are fully self reliant in your camper rental except foor food and gas, you can go exactly where the roads take you and stay as long as you want to. To give you an idea what’s in store for you, we chose top ten camping grounds here in Iceland. Remember when you are out there camping and because you have free WiFi in your camper, please share your pictures with us on Instagram or Facebook. Here are the top ten in no particular order.

“Oh the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored.  There are games to be won. 
And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.” 
― Dr. Seuss

Camping in Skaftafell, Vatnajökull National park1. Skaftafell

Vatnajökull National park is as stunning and powerful as all pictures suggest. You are close to many great places like Jökulsárlón (the ice lake) and the abandoned airplane at Sólheimarsandur.

The camping site is divided into many small areas and has dedicated areas for camper vans and motor homes. The Visitor Centre offers services for the camp site, an information desk, an exhibition, a cafeteria and a souvenir shop.  There is also a phone booth, computers with internet access but you won’t need that since you have free WiFi! You also have showers there. Here you can spend your whole vacation and exploring new things everyday.

 GPS:  64° 0’58.01″N  16°57’59.73″W

Camping at Úlfljótsvatn, a family oriented camping site in Iceland2. Úlfljótsvatn

This camping site is close to Reykjavik and is on the south side of lake Þingvallavatn. Might be the most family oriented camping site in Iceland with so much activities for both the kids and adults. They have boat rental on weekends and fishing is included with the camping fee. Guests may use the facilities like BBQ and cooking facilities. There is also a service desk. They also have events going on all summer long. You can visit their Facebook page to see more pictures.

GPS:  64° 5’41.84″N  21° 2’52.51″W

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Camping in Ásbyrgi canyon, North Iceland3. Ásbyrgi

This camping site is in the midst of some spectacular scenery and places in north Iceland. Close by you have places like Dettisfoss, Dimmuborgir and Ásbyrgi itself is a  fascinating canyon with a great camping site too with full service. Everything you might need, you will find there and from there you have just stunning day tours in all directions. There is also golf, camp fires and activities going on all summer long, including educational tours.

 GPS:   66° 1’36.00″N  16°29’41.11″W

Camping in Egilsstaðir in East Iceland4. Egilsstaðir

Egilsstaðir is the center of East Iceland, with all the camping facilities you need like washers, toilets, food and activities. From there it’s easy to reach most villages on the east side but also making a day trip to the highlands. Keep in mind to keep children safe by the water for there is a monster living there called Lagafljótsormurinn who might be a cousin to the Loch Ness monster!

 GPS:  65°15’35.91″N 14°24’30.05″W

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Camping in Siglufirði in North Iceland5. Siglufjörður

In Siglufirði you have two camping sites to chose from and they are just a couple of houses apart in the harbor. One is to the right of the building in the picture. It’s in the middle of the center in this very picturesque fishing village, surrounded by big mountains. Siglufirði has several annual festivals and the biggest and oldest one is Síldarævintýrið held between the 29th of July to 1st of August. A festival to celebrate and remember the days when Siglufirði was the base of herring fishing in Iceland. Good fun for the whole family.

 GPS:  66° 8’58.77″N  18°54’35.57″W

Camping in Látrabjarg in the northwest of Iceland6. Látrabjarg

The northwest of Iceland has the highest mountains and the deepest fjords and there are plenty of great camping sites and we chose to present the camping grounds of Látrabjarg, in Breiavík to be precise. You have showers there, kitchen facilities, BBQ’s and you can wash your clothes there too. Just below the camp site you have a huge beach where the Atlantic rolls in and in front of you you have Greenland. From Breiðavík you can drive to many interesting places like the tip of Látrabjarg, a must if you are in the area.

 GPS:  65°32’58.63″N  24°21’8.99″W

Camping in Hellissandur on Snaefell peninsula7. Hellissandur

At the tip of Snæfell peninsula, you’ll find Hellissandur, a charming village away from it at and just by the roots of the powerful Snæfell glacier where you will find the entrance to the center of the earth if you look long enough. The campsite has toilets and showers and you can also get power for your computers and whatever you are bringing. From the campsite it’s a short ride to all the sites around the glacier.

 GPS:  64°54’45.67″N  23°53’21.23″W

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Camping in Húsafell8. Húsafell

Another very family oriented camping site and is also one of the most popular camping sites in the country. You are bound to have fun and meet new friends there. The campsite has all the facilities you need including a swimming pool! Every Saturday evening during the summer, they have a huge camp fire going and you are very close to a lot of places like the stunning Hraunfossar and the glaciers Langjökull and its smaller brother Eiriksjökull.

 GPS:  64°41’57.74″N  20°52’7.06″W

9. Þakgíl

This is another magnificent camping site. The picture speaks more than words. Just read what other guests have been writing about it on TripAdvisor. It’s just north of Vík so you are close to everything like the abandoned airplane at Sólheimarsandur, the black sand beaches like Reynisfjara. The campsite lies just by the roots of the glacier Mýrdalsjökull. One of the must see camp sites as they say on TripAdvisor.

 GPS:  63°31’49.47″N  18°53’13.12″W

10. Höfn

Höfn is your entrance to East Iceland. From the camping site in Höfn, you have a stunning view in all directions. A very family oriented site with activities for everyone in the family. You have washing and shower facilities as well as good grocery stores close by. You also have a swimming pool close by, horse rental, fishing and of course you can wash off the traveling dust off your clothes. It’s alos a short drive to the glacier lake Jökulsárlón. Why not rent a quad bike and take a ride on the beach or even take a tour up the glacier Vatnajökulll? Btw, jökull means glacier!

 GPS:  64°15’29.48″N  15°12’14.96″W

Camping in Grindavik11. Grindavik (bonus)

When you have picked up your camper in Keflavik, this campsite is probably the closest one where you can go to sleep and get rid of the jet-lag. It’s a fully exuipped campsite almost in the middle of Grindavik but still has all the privacy you want. You can cook and eat inside and there are plenty of showers too. Due to its location (and charm), it makes it ideal for anyone starting or ending their camper trip around Iceland

GPS:  63°50’36.52″N    22°25’16.00″W

So you have a few choices but this list is just describes very few of all those great camping places we have all around Iceland. These top ten are all camper and motor home friendly.



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