This is the story about a big adventure in Iceland! Me and my wife Marta have rented our camper van at Keflavik Airport. It has been an instant love for it. The great journey finally could start!

Iceland Trip in October A Ring road trip October

The first stage that we have reached was the Þingvellir National Park, where we have slept because we landed in Iceland in late afternoon, so we have arrived at Þingvellir campsite during the night. When we woke up, we’ve had the first surprise: around us beautiful landscape, hidden during the night, welcomed us in Iceland. After a quick breakfast, we have gone through the roads inside the park, learning how great our camper van was. It has brought us to the two tectonic plates: what amazing place! With one foot in Europe Continent and the other one in the American one! Our eyes were beginning to love the Icelandic countryside.

Doing the Golden Circle in October

The Golden Circle was only at the beginning! In the ranks of our faithful steed, we’ve returned on the road number 1 to reach Geysir stage. We’ve played with the big geyser trying to shot it with our camera and we’ve walked around the site admiring the others little geysers. Despite the rain, we’ve stopped at this place for a long time. But the trip must continue! Gullfoss was waiting for us! You have to know that I’m really mad about the waterfalls, so you can understand my surprise in front of the Gullfoss power! I have thought “if this is my first waterfall in Iceland, I’ll be often with no words”.

The Camper van Nino

And I was right, because the second one was Seljalandsfoss. We never walked behind a waterfall, but in Iceland everything is possible. That’s was amazing! Completely in love with Iceland, with our faithful camper van “Nino” (as we called it) we’ve traveled to the south. We Slept at Skógafoss camping, walking to the top of the waterfall and dining with the practical cooker present in the camper van. An unconventional breakfast was the first surprise: coffee, cookies and waterfall!

Brewing coffee by the camper Breakfast & waterfalls

But we haven’t had time to loose, out schedule was tight. We’ve arrived at Dýrhólaey in the early morning and we’ve found another great natural show: on the left side of our view there was the double arch shaken by the waves, on the right side the coast was lit by a shy sunrise surrounded by light fog, created by the ocean. There, we’ve been witness of a strange thing: a single surfer tried to ride the strong waves present in the bay. Finished the last shots with the cameras, we ran to Reynisfjara. At Black Sand Beach we’ve played Star Wars Rogue One poser, we’ve admired the black caves with their strange forms and imaged us like new Captain Achab looking towards the horizon. Yes, we really liked this dreamy place!

Driving to Vík

Arrived at Vik, we’ve been surprised by our camper van: we’ve decided to refuel before the long trip in the est, but the camper van’s tank was only half empty. Great savings for us! With this thoughts, we’ve could leave the south to the east! After an hour of driving, we’ve reached one of the best things we’ve seen in this trip: Fjaðrárgljúfur! We’ve walked on the top of this beautiful canyon which has given us a lot of emotions and lovely spot where we’ve caught great moments. I’ll recommend to all my friends to visit this place during they trip in Iceland! With the eyes full of wonder, we’ve left Fjaðrárgljúfur, to arrive at Skaftafell park.

Driving to Skaftafell

There, after a long walk inside the park, we’ve could see Svartifoss, the waterfall surrounded by the basaltic rocks. This scenario seems created by a futurist sculptor! The nature could be a crazy artist! But we’ve been not ready for the next meeting: the glacier Vatnajökull! For all the day, we’ve driving with this immense white presence in front of us, and finally we’ve met it! The first meeting took place at Fjallsárlón, where we’ve shocked by the big expanse behind the lagoon. The great experience which left us with no words was certainly Jökulsárlón. A piece of our hearts is still there! Still silent for the show of this place, we reached in the night Höfn, where we’ve spent a not so simple night: strong gusts of wind shook our friend Nino the camper van all night long. But it protected us like a big brother!

North of Höfn

In the morning, after a quick breakfast, we’ve arrived at Djúpivogur to see the Eggs of Merry Bay and shot some comic photo. And again on the street. New direction: Hallormsstaður! In this big forest the real noise is the silence of the trees. We’ve decided to spend the night at Egilsstaðir.

Camping Egilsstaðir

We didn’t met Lagarfljót’s worm, but this village gives us a great Icelandic gift: the Northern lights! No wind, no cold and no fatigue could prevented to us to stay standing in front of this natural show. When we’ve woke up, the following morning, a red sunrise colored all clouds over our heads. We’ve started the conquest the north. But the “north never forgets”, so we’ve fought against a strong wind during the whole ride, but Nino the camper van never left us alone! Our prize for this trip was the Mývatn Nature Baths, where we relaxed our body. The same day, recharged from the baths, we’ve visited Hverfjall volcano and Dimmuborgir site. In the night, a green friend appeared again: the Northern lights! In the morning, after a check about the wind conditions, we’ve returned on our steps to see Dettifoss. Another great waterfall and another film place: Prometheus started in this location.

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The Iceland Trip with Niro the camper

With Nino again, we’ve arrived in Akureyri where the whale watching tour was waiting us! What an amazing experience! We’ve went across the north mountain, already full of snow, to sleep in a little farm in Varmahlið. The last day with the little big Camper Van was witness of our amazement in front of Seal’s sleeping on the beach, at Vatnsnes, and in front of, no, in the middle of Goðafoss! We’ve returned the camper van in Reykjavik, with a little sense of sadness. We really love it!

We’re very happy about this trip in Iceland and we find in your Camper Van to be a very good friend!

Best Regards,
I hope we’ll se you again


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Happy Camping!  #CamperStories

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