When driving around Iceland, you need to visit a few of our swimming pools we have here all around this beautiful country. You will also find swimming pools by many camping sites here. What could be more relaxing to play around in warm water after a long day of adventure, to loosen up a little and to get nice and clean. Before we line up our top 10 camping sites, we need to address the rules of all swimming pools here. They are pretty simple but ones you have no choice but to follow.

Swimming pool rules in Iceland1. The “big” one for many is, you need to be totally naked and shower and clean up thoroughly before entering any pool. There are staff making sure you will do just that so if you are shy about being naked among others, get over it for you have to. A few pools might have a shower with shower curtains but those are few and far between.

2. Take off your shoes before entering the locker area. Bring them with you and put them in your locker and do not put them on until you are leaving the area.

3. If you are planing to swim a few laps, keep to the right side of the lane at all times.

There are more swimming pool rules, we only wanted to emphasize rule number 1 & 2.

1. Swimming pool in Reykjavik

Iceland's biggest swimming poolThis swimming pool complex in Reykjavik is by far the biggest one in Iceland. There are 2 Olympic sized swimming pools, 1 big play pool, slides, beach ball, many hot tubs, saunas and there is also a luxurious spa and a Gym connected to the pool.

GPS Reykjavik Swimming pool: 64° 8’45.73″N  21°52’50.37″W

Camping in Reykjavik IcelandCamping close to this pool can’t be any closer. There is only a wall separating the swimming pools and camp site. The Reykjavik Campsite has everything you need from showers, breakfast, washing machines, telephones, cooking facilities to BBQ, shopping, gas station close by and electricity for your motor-home.

GPS Reykjavik Campsite:  64° 8’48.07″N   21°52’30.99″W

2. Swimming pool in Vík

Swimming pool in Vík, IcelandThe swimming pool in Vík, close to Reynisfjara is a small but a delightful pool with hot pools, a perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring in the vicinity. It also have a small pool for the youngest kids and a small water slide too.

GPS Swimming pool in Vík:  63°25’1.46″N  19° 0’29.04″W

Camping in Vík, situated on Klettsvegur, IcelandWe have already featured the majestic campsite in Þakgíl (Thakgil) but you also have Vík camping site, a walking distance from the pool and the center of Vík. This campsite has electricity, toilets, warm and cold running water and dining facilities. This site is under development and will have everything you need, including a stunning view over Vík. This village is also very close to so many destinations in South Iceland.

GPS Camping at Klettsvegur in Vík:  63°25’10.33″N   18°59’41.85″W

3. Swimming pool in Kirkjubæjarklaustur

Swimming in South Iceland. KirkjubæjarklausturA small picturesque swimming pool in Kirkjubæjarklaustur, South Iceland. This one in Kirkjubæjarklaustur is situated by the banks of a river. It has a hot tubs and a children’s play pool.

GPS Swimming pool in Kirkjubæjarklaustur: 63°47’14.38″N  18° 3’8.57″W

Camping in Kirkjubæjarklaustur in South IcelandThe camping site at Kirkjubæjarklaustur is a walking distance from everything. The swimming pool, sport facility, supermarket, bank, gas station, healthcare, pharmacy, hotel, restaurant, the showroom Skaftáreldar, information center and a handcraft store and enough room to park your motor-home. You also have the regular suspects such as lavatories, showers, washing machine, tumble & dryer, kitchen facilities, lavatory and shower for disabled visitors & electricity. Straight south of Kirkjubæjarklaustur you have a great fishing spot too. Steinsmýrarvötn offers some fantastic Arctic char and trout fishing. You can even catch the odd sea trout if the season is right.

GPS Camping in Kirkjubæjarklaustur:  63°47’31.29″N   18° 2’58.46″W

4. Swimming pool in Djúpivogur

Swimming in Djúpivogur in East IcelandThis swimming pool is half inside and half outside. It has a gym, sauna and a newly built indoor swimming pool with hot tubs, a small pool for children, and another small pool outside.

GPS Swimming pool in Djúpivogur:   64°39’17.43″N  14°16’46.44″W

The campsite in Djúpivogur is only a minute walk from the swimming pool, right in the center of the village. You’ll have good space for your camper van here and with a view over the village. From there you can walk to everything the village has to offer. There are great walks all over, you can take a ferry out to Papey, go bird watching, visit their museum of try out the local cuisine. The choice is yours.

GPS Camping in Djúpivogur:  64°39’21.70″N   14°17’3.95″W

5. Swimming pool in Neskaupstaður

Swimming pool in Neskaupstað in East IcelandThe swimming pool in Neskaupstað is a great little outdoor swimming pool with hot tubs, sauna and water slides. Located in the hills of Neskaupstaður, the view from the pool over the Norðfjörður fjord is splendid and the building itself gives great shelter for those who like to lay in the sun.

GPS Swimming pool in Neskaupstaður:  65° 8’53.19″N  13°41’15.91″W

Camping in Neskaupstaður in East IcelandThe camping site in Neskaupstaður is located just above the village with a stunning, panoramic view over the village and the fjord. You will not feel crowded here in your RV. But still is a short walking distance to everything you need like pool, restaurants, grocery shopping, horse rental, golf course, fishing and there is even a hospital close by. The camp site has everything you need except facilities to wash your clothes.

GPS Camping in Neskaupstaður:  65° 9’3.48″N   13°40’39.13″W

6. Swimming pool in Þórshöfn

Swimming in Þórshöfn in northeast IcelandThe swimming pool in Þórshöfn is one of the few indoor pools in Iceland. It’s situated in the middle of the village and has a gym and hot tubs.. There is also a tourist information there too.

GPS Swimming pool in Þórshöfn: 66°12’3.29″N  15°20’11.26″W

Camping in northeast Iceland. ÞórshöfnThe camping site in Þórshöfn is 1/2km (0.37miles) south of the swimming pool. As usual, it’s a short walk to anything you need. Þórshöfn is one of the more remote villages in Iceland and we are sure you will relax here and just enjoy the stay in this beautiful spot in the northeast of Iceland. The campsite has tables, bathrooms, showers, electricity and all the service you need for your motor-home.

GPS Camping in Þórshöfn:  66°11’46.53″N   15°19’49.19″W

7. Swimming pool in Húsavík

Swimming pool in Húsavík in the north of IcelandThe swimming pool in Húsavík has geothermal spas, Jacuzzi and a kids pool with a water slide (only open during the summer season). It’s located almost downtown so it’s perfect to stop by after a day of whale watching for you will pass the site when you walk back to your camper van.

GPS Swimming pool in Húsavík:  66° 2’57.21″N   17°20’45.88″W

Camping in Húsavík in North IcelandThe camping site in Húsavík is just north of the town’s center. Despite it only takes a minute to walk downtown, you are still away from the hussle and bustle and can enjoy quiet evenings in your motorhome.  There are cooking facilities, showers, a washing machine and bathrooms. There is also a playing ground for the kids. You will find everything you need in Húsavík. It’s also close to many of the major tourist attractions in north Iceland like the waterfall Dettifoss, the nature paradise Mývatn and Ásbirgi.

GPS Camping in Húsavík:  66° 3’4.99″N   17°20’42.01″W

8. Swimming pool in Akureyri

Swimming in Akureyri in North IcelandThis gorgeous swimming pool in Akureyri is located in the middle of town. It has two outdoor pools, water jets, water slides and a kids pool, hot pots, steam bath, sauna and a giant chess set if that’s your calling!

GPS Swimming pool in Akureyri:  65°40’44.47″N  18° 5’49.53″W

Camping in Akureyri in north IcelandThe camping site in Akureyri is just south of the swimming pool. Like in Húsavík, you are away from it all at this campsite but still it’s only a 2 minute walk to the downtown area where you have everything you want. Close to the camp site you have grocery store.  The area has 12 toilets, showers, hot and cold water, telephone, washing machine, tumble dryer and limited access to electricity.

This camping site tends to be very full when the festival “Bíladagar” (Car days) takes places in Akureyri. That usually happens around the middle of June.The whole town will be full of people.

GPS Camping in Akureyri:  65°40’43.85″N   18° 6’2.99″W

9. Swimming pool in Patreksfjörður

Swimming in Patreksfjörður in the Westfjords of IcelandThe swimming pool in Patreksfjörður is one of the more beautifully located pools in Iceland, with a view over the fjord over the pools edge. It has a gym too with the same awesome view.

GPS Swimming pool in Patreksfjörður:  65°35’47.23″N   23°59’15.88″W

Camping in Patreksfjörður in the Westfjords of IcelandWhen you drive into the village, you will see the camping site in Patreksfjörður on your right hand side, close to the ocean so you will have a great view from there too. The site is next to the The community center which has good facilities for camp site guests may use such as toilets, showers, washing machine, dryer and cooking facilities, electricity and waste disposal for motorhomes. As with most villages in Iceland, you can walk to everything you need and being situated almost on the most western tip of Iceland, there is no lack of activities and destinations to visit while there.

GPS Camping in Patreksfjörður:  65°35’29.27″N   23°58’29.74″W

10. Swimming pool in Grundarfjörður

Swimming in Grundarfjörður in west IcelandThis swimming pool in Grundarfjörður is a typical pool out in the countryside, small, well kept and always a joy to visit. They have hot pots and showers, the usual suspects.

GPS Swimming pool in Grundarfjörður: 64°55’18.26″N   23°15’32.53″W

Camping in Grundarfjörður in West IcelandThe camping site in Grundarfjörður has electricity for your motorhome, showers and bathrooms and is next door to the swimming pool. A very serene location with beautiful surroundings. Everything you need is in a walking distance from your camper and you can drive to all the interesting sight seeing destinations from there.

GPS Camping in Grundarfjörður: 64°55’18.66″N   23°15’34.31″W

There are so many villages and places in Iceland where you can find the combination of swimming pools/camping that it makes it hard to choose. With a rental camper/motor-home, you can get to see all the places you want and you are in no rush.

Read more: Camping laws in Iceland

Remember that during some holidays in Iceland, some camping sites are full to the brim. The biggest camping holiday in Iceland is during “Verslunarmannahelgin” which starts the weekend before the first Monday every August. Plan ahead if you are traveling around Iceland during that time.


Happy camping!  #WohoCamper

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