Iceland at Euro2016

Tonight Iceland is playing it’s biggest man soccer game ever. At 19:00 (7pm GMT) we are meeting England and the excitement can be felt everywhere. Wherever you are in Iceland, try to find a place where Icelanders come together to watch the game. If you are driving around Iceland in your rental car, you can find places to watch almost anywhere. If you happen to be in Reykjavik today, the game will be shown at Arnahól, the big open area south of Harpa.

If you are far away from any village, jsut watch the game through your free WiFi provided with all our campers, camper vans, motor-homes and RV’s. You can watch it here! There you choose the menu “Í beinni” and from that menu you choose “RUV”, a player will pop up and you can watch the game.

The Icelandic sports commentator Gummi Ben became an international hit after the last game Iceland played against Austria. Not only was he featured in so many medias all around the world, he was even offered a job at CBC according the the grapevine.

It’s not only Gummi Ben who people talk about. People all over Europe are talking about Iceland, the little mouse that roared. There are comments coming from all directions and so many are actively taking part of the whole thing. The official Icelandic supporter team (their name is “the 12th player) created a very special chant for Euro2016. It’s very Viking..ish and brings images to this author of a imaginary war between Vikings and the Saxons, it’s the chant before the Vikings attack. We read in newspapers different descriptions of the chant. This was found in Independent:

Perfectly synchronized chanting from supporters of the smallest nation competing at the tournament caused a reaction on social media that was as impressed as it was scared.
“The chant thing that Iceland are doing is terrifying like a Viking horde or something”

Even if you are not in to football or soccer as some call it, watch it while you are in Iceland for it’s a national event and everybody will be watching. No matter how the game ends, it will be a fantastic event!

Iceland vs England Euro2016

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