Black Sand Beaches of Iceland

Iceland has so many places to see and experience it makes the newcomer spoiled with choices. There are of course the obvious choices while driving around Iceland in your camper van, the must sees like many of the gorgeous waterfalls we have here, the wonderful hot springs spread all around the country, the big, open landscapes not limited by forests.

Black sand beaches

Black sand beaches is another must for there are not many in the world but Iceland do have a few of them. The most famous one is of course Reynisfjara just outside Vík in south Iceland. With the Atlantic rolling in over the black beach, together with the rock formations Reynisdrangar just outside the beach and with the stunning basalt columns behind you, it makes a lasting impression for anyone visiting the beach.

Many of our CamperStories contestants have gone there and sent in some stunning images with their story. You can see a few ones below and if you click on the picture, you will be taken to their CamperStories entry.

Nighttime in Vík's black sand beach Playing with stones at Reynisfjara

Reynisdrangar in a distance Beautiful black sand beach Sólheimarsandur in south Iceland

The amazing black beach Sólheimarsandur at Vík Stunning Reynisdrangar

Reynisdrangar outside Reynisfjara Walking on a black sand beach

 The rocks Reynisdrangar Black beach in Iceland

Black sand beach fun Icelandic black sand beach

Reynisdrangar in twilight Black beach Iceland

The undertow at Sólheimarsandur

Reynisfjara Warnings

As many might have seen, at our most popular black sand beach, the one called Reynisfjara, we’ve had too many dangerous accidents where visitors underestimate the surge of the waves and undertows and goes too far out on the beach, only to get caught by a big wave which tries to pull the person back to the ocean. Not only is the ocean water around Iceland very cold, the currents on the south side very strong.

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These types of accidents are very easy to avoid. Think before you act, heed warning signs and take your pictures from a safe distance. There has been fatalities there, let’s not add to that list. Even smaller accidents like “only” getting soaked might mean you can destroy your camera, phone, the electronic car keys or just getting wet and cold puts a damper on your Iceland trip.


Another stunning black beach is Héraðssandar in East Iceland. If you are driving on road nr:94, coming from the south, this magnificent, truly stunning view below will greet you (weather permitting).

On road nr:94 in east Iceland, driving north

If you decide to drive to the north side, you will have to into this huge valley and turn east again on to road nr:917. Not only will you get this amazing view below, you will also get to drive on a fantastic road leading up a mountain pass, taking you to Vopnafjörður.

Héraðssandar. Looking south from road nr: 917

There are also black beaches in Reykjanes & Snæfellsnes peninsula. Wherever you choose to go to enjoy the black sand beaches of Iceland, put safety first and enjoyment second.

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