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Driving in Iceland: A Guide

Getting on the road is the best way to explore Iceland. You can travel at your own pace and also avoid the crowds. Even better, the most remote and private places become much more accessible. However, driving in Iceland is a unique experience. It’s definitely different from what you’re used to back at home. Therefore,... Read more

Best Time of Year to Visit Iceland

Iceland is one of the most coveted holiday destinations in the world. And with the massive surge of tourism and a growing economy, it is becoming more complicated to visit as well. That’s why it’s essential to figure out the best time of year to visit Iceland. It all depends on what you want to... Read more

Campsites in Iceland

A big question many have on their mind when they are researching everything about camping in Iceland is where to camp, on and off season. The new..ish camper laws have caused the camper van peeps wonder where they can camp now? Well, you can all relax for there are so many campsites all around Iceland.... Read more

Reykjanes Peninsula Travel Guide

If it wasn’t for the Blue Lagoon, Reykjanes peninsula would get a very small share of visitors stopping. For many, Reykjanes is a missed opportunity to see some awesome thermal areas, wild country and small fishing villages off the beaten track. To help you find all the goodies around Reykjanes, we have made this travel... Read more

Icelandic phrases

Icelandic is an Indo-European language from the North Germanic branch and is one of the oldest, still spoken, languages in the world.  Icelandic is also the original Scandinavian language. Swedish, Norwegian and Danish developed from the Icelandic language.  Here are a few phrases that might sound odd & funny when translated: Icelanders don’t tell you... Read more

Villages along the Ring road

When on an Iceland trip and driving the Ring road, you will pass a few villages here and there. To be more familiar with what the different villages has to offer, what services they prove, campsite info and important numbers we put together this village guide. We will skip the villages in Snæfellsnes & the Westfjords... Read more