Traveling in a foreign country offers a whole chain of challenges. You want to take part of whatever interest you, you don’t want to “miss out” of anything and you want to be safe. There are a few great Icelandic apps that helps you to plan, prepare, get informed and find activities and events. Your rented Camper van rental or motor home is equipped with free WiFi so the use of apps and internet is totally free and you can use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop as you want.

Here is a list of a few very useful ones:

112 App in Iceland. To help in case of an emergency in Iceland112 App – Emergency App

An excellent app for added security. The green button is for you to check in wherever you are and you are not disturbing anyone if you do. Your 5 last locations are stored in the computer with the rescue services and you are encouraged to use it.

In case of emergency you hit the red button. It sends a text message with your location. Doesn’t matter if you don’t see any connection, it might get sent away anyways. Also, in case of emergency in remote places, we have a helicopter with a cell phone receiver that would fly over your last known positions to try to locate you.

There are Android, Windows and iPhone versions. (rated 4.6)

The Icelandic weather appThe Icelandic weather App

Nothing changes as fast here as the weather and the last thing you want to happen is for you to get stuck somewhere due to weather. With this app you can keep tabs on the weather at all times. You can even set notifications to pop up if there are a change in forecast.

With you GPS on, you’ll get local weather and forecasts and also an interactive map to help you plan and prepare.

Alerts issued by the Met Office are automatic during the day and can be checked anytime. A personal weather watch will send notifications when certain criteria are met, e.g. a forecast of temperature below zero at your chosen weather station.
An interactive weather map shows weather observations at any station in the country.This is the official App from the Icelandic Met office. There is an Android version of this app and also an iPhone version. Under settings you can choose your language. (rated 3.9)


Appy hour, a drinking and event app from Grapevine magazine

Appy hour, a happy hour app from Grapevine magazine

You will not be driving at all times. Sometimes one needs to relax, maybe eat some local cuisine or even have a drink. This app tells you were you’ll find happy hours around Reykjavik. You can camp your camper van here before you hit the bars if you don’t have a designated driver.. Btw, drinking & driving is strongly prohibited in Iceland like the rest of the world..sort of. It’s our duty to inform you!

This app was created by our friends at the popular Grapevine magazine. They have both versions of this app. Android and iPhone.

Grapevine also has two other apps, only for iPhones so far. One is Craving and is only about food. The other is Appening and that one is only about music. (rated 4.1)


Currency converter app Icelandic kronasCurrency converter App

How many times have you been standing in a store, sitting in a restaurant and trying to figure out how much it costs in your currency? It doesn’t help the rates fluctuates like the Icelandic weather so it’s hard to keep track and do the math in your head at times. Download this currency converter from Oanda. You get the latest rates and you can choose between any two currencies to see the exchange rates. There are over 190 currencies to choose from and they get their numbers from banks and firms all over.

You can download this app for Andriod, iPhone and Blackberry. What? Blackberry?…really?…go figure! (rated 4.2)


An app for Icelandic phrasesAn App for Icelandic phrases

Although most Icelanders speak English and/or other languages, it’s always very educational and fun to learn the local language. Unless you are a genius, you won’t learn a language while on vacation but you might learn a few phrases to get you going. This app covers many phrases in the transport, eating, shopping and so on.

This one we only found for Android but there is a similar free one for iPhone too. (rated 4.0)



Icelandic Traffic Signs AppIcelandic Traffic Signs App

While driving around Iceland you will see traffic signs you have no idea what they mean. Ignorance is not a defense if you violate any traffic laws enforced by traffic signs. This app gives you all the answers.

Once installed, this app also works offline so you can check out what those highland signs means. Icelandic Traffic Signs is approved by The Road Traffic Directorate in Iceland.

Unfortunately, this app is only found for Android phones. This app is also available in Japanese! (rated 4.4)


Inspired by Iceland AppInspired by Iceland App

The last app comes straight from Inspired by Iceland. It’s a fun app giving you a chance to give Iceland a new name, share your pictures from your Iceland adventure. What does Iceland mean to YOU?

This app is available for Android and iPhone. (rated 4.0)



Northern lights forecast app - Aurora BorealisNorthern lights forecast app

If you are traveling in Iceland during any time than high summer, you want to have this app. Aurora Forecast application lets you easily plan to see the Northern Lights. If you are a serious aurora watcher, plan to spend the night with Aurora Forecast application. It’s time to see the Northern Lights.

Recent auroral activity and forecast data is provided by NOAA POES and Geophysical Institute at UAF.
This app is available for Android and iPhone. (rated 3.5)

App for Þingvellir National ParkÞingvellir National Park App

A perfect guide in many languages for anyone hiking around Þingvellir national park. An official app from the park athorities.
Key App features:
– Thingvellir audio guided tour available in English, Icelandic, German and Danish.
– Ljóð á Þingvöllum audio guided tour available in Icelandic.
– Assembly site treasure hunt game available in English.
– Offline Maps with hiking trails, activities and points of interest.
– GPS Navigation.
– Service markers including camping, information centers and more.
Available for Android & iPhones. (rated 5.0)

Gas station App IcelandGas Station App

This app helps you to find out it is to the nearest gas station.

Eldsneyti is an Icelandic gas stations locator. Tell us what type of fuel you need and we will show you all the gas stations around you and what price they offer. When you’ve found just the right gas station you can easily get navigation to it.

If you are wondering why the app is called “Eldsneyti” it means gas in Icelandic.

Available for Android (rated 4.2)

All these apps are all free and will help you to enjoy your Iceland holiday even more, you get closer to the country, feel more secure when you are driving around Iceland. Remember to switch off roaming on your phone and connect yourself to the free WiFi in your camper van.


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