Around Iceland in a Camper

On a hot scorching Israeli summer day , me and my girlfriend took a decision to have a chilled travel destination this time and naturally we raised our eyes at LAT 65° and north ….
Picking Blueberries in IcelandIceland was our first, last and only place to see as we like to travel to modern well developed countries with no worries from us about anything at all .Well, not precisely. It is the Instush to blame, we like to dub the Instagram in Israel – Instush and it is to blame for the views I saw in the last couple of month posted by Icelandair.
Those posts of the nature in Iceland nailed me down each night in front of my smartphone staring awe inspired at the magic revealed on the screen of the device. These days one does not need a book to get inspired , the web media, facebook, Instagram and others do the job and makes you go to the airport, not just the scorching heat of the country.  In a matter of minutes I called Austrian airlines and booked a flight and campervan from

Picking up the Camper Van

Camper van holiday in Iceland
Arriving at two AM in Keflavik receiving our campervan and throwing our tired bodies on the comfortable mattress of our NISSAN HOME for the next couple of weeks was the smartest thing to do on such an early hour in a new unfamiliar country.
The next day and in an instant we started to feel the freedom of a new traveler in a new country with a nice car in our hands ready to explore new terrain like a chick that fly for the first time out from its nest.
The smartphone camera was put into high readiness and the selfie stick prepared.
We are ready for the ride of our lives ….
Your Camper home in Iceland
Our nice NISSAN new home began to function as expected when only the northern sun gave us the impression that days never end in Iceland ..
We forced ourselves each day to create a ”night” so we can rest and gain energy for the next day drive. Please,  next time we come we want darker curtains installed in our NISSAN so we can have a proper colour of night ha ha ..

Driving in Iceland

Day by day we got more and more familiar with the car and road signs and gas stations and rules and everything enjoying Iceland meandering Westfjords roads, the beautiful Snaefellsnes peninsula, great fish and chips at the magnificent Arnastapi picturesque village and the friendly lady that gave me the GPS coordinates so I can find an hidden thermal hot pool in the vicinity.


Next stop, I told  my girlfriend we will be Puffin watching at Látrabjarg where our Nissan sweet home will take us safely …lovely birds strange as can be for an Israeli couple used to see only some noisy middle eastern ugly ravens ..
We drove the Westfjords like professionals, enjoying the all package of scenery, great roads, excellent food, friendly people all over ready to help you on the spot with every issue ..


Next stop Akureyri I announced … you are crazy my girlfriend said, you are a road runner bip bip .. Yes it is so great to drive in Iceland you are free!!
Be free in a camper van in Iceland
Iceland is five times bigger than Israel and thirty times less population . I feel like I‘m in heaven!
Watch the immense cruise ships in harbour , eat tasty pasta, stroll down town, nice motorbike museum and off to sleep in our Nissan home at a green spot near the airport . I love AKUREYRI!

The Ring road

The Ring Road takes us to myriad places of interest and we dive into a dream literally .
Next stop Jökulsárlon … the all conversely beach compared to Israeli beaches. As a matter of fact our trip concentrated solely on two things, hot thermal natural free pools and scenery. The hot pools were our sorce for heat and bath.  You sleep much better in a campervan after a bath fourty five degrees hot so the cold camper in the middle of night is actualy pleasent ha ha. Wish I could sit in one at the winter when snow surrounds the pool.
Driving around in Iceland in a camper
We had one sunny day on the beach at Vik and there we saw a brave Canadian guy who went for a swim like it is a beach in Greece or somthing . Back to the lagoon of Jökulsárlon where swiming is just loco. I saw those white sculptors scattered all over.
Ice on the beach i shouted??  na na , I drank to much liquer last night ha ha ..
One hundred photos of glaciers and ice on the beach and lagoons and more lagoons and more ice and drink pure water from the ground . I want to live in Iceland , can I please??

The Golden Circle

Next stop the Golden circle. No words to say what a tasty tomato soup we ate oh my and the bread!!! It is a must to visit!! I am not going back home! See you my girlfriend in Keflavik. I shall escort you to the plane .. I‘ll stay here next to the tomato soup and the geyser.
Sleeping in a camper in Iceland
Well, dreams and reailty apart … Our Nissan home took us to many more beautiful places and pools and roads and views that we are planing our next highlands vacation but this time with a 4×4.  We shall cross rivers and climb glaciers. Iceland, we are definitely not finished with you dear ….
Caves, horses to ride, helicopters to fly, rafting to do and more ….
see you next summer … that‘s what my girlfriend says .
I say, see you in a couple of months dear Aurora borealis.
And the tomato soup of course …
Doriel Haimov & Diva Lacyani
Happy Camping!  #CamperStories

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