Renting a camper in Iceland

So you want to rent a camper for your Iceland trip! Congratulations for it’s an excellent choice. The advantages are many.

1. You are totally free to go wherever you want, when you want and can change your mind with the weather.

2. You are fully independent from things like check in and out times. (campsites are not as strict as hotels)

3. You don’t have to book your accommodations in advance (which is often necessary in the summer)

4. Due to your freedom, you can visit popular sites whenever it suits you and not when the busloads arrive.

5. You can stay as long as you want in a campsite if you fancy and don’t have to rush off anywhere.

6. Whatever camper van you decide to rent, you will have kitchen utilities, a cooling box/fridge so you are free to eat when it suits you and not the opening times of restaurants, hot dog stands and gas stations.

7. You can take a nap if or whenever you feel like and most often, with stunning views.

8. Our Renaulkt Trafic 3, Master 5 & VW California camper vans have free WiFi so you will never have to worry about roaming charges.

The list is a long one but there are some considerations before choosing a camper van like how many you are on the trip, how much space you want/need and of course, it has to fit your budget. We have 4/5 different sizes to choose from.

Campers for 2 people

Renault Kangoo Camper van

In this category we have two campers. The Renault Kangoo  (to the left) and the Nissan NV200 (below to the right). Basically the same type of car but with different driving characteristics based on personal preferences. Both of them are roomy enough for two people. Under the thick mattress you have enough space for all your luggage and groceries.

Nissan NV200 Camper vanBoth campers have manual gear boxes and diesel engines for fuel efficiency, leaving you to be able to drive further between stops at gas stations. Both of them are also equipped with the same type of thick and soft mattresses.

These camper vans will take you where you want comfortably and efficiently and is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to explore Iceland on their own.

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VW Caddy Camper

VW Caddy Camper vanThis is also a camper for two people but it has seats for 5 people and is a more luxurious version than the two above.

Not only is the VW Caddy Camper one of the newest models in our fleet and is therefore loaded with all the digital gizmos you want, it also has a tent brilliantly stored in the back. It is very easy to put it up and by that, extending your living quarters. There is enough room to set up the chairs and tables you’ll find in the car so you can sit and have lovely meals wherever you are.

This camper also has curtains made especially designed for each window so you can dampen the summer nights a few does not like to sleep with.

With an automatic gearbox and a high tech diesel engine, the cost of fuel will not be an issue while you drive the Ring road.

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Camper for 3

Renault Trafic 3 Camper vanThe next size above is the Renault Trafic 3. This one is fantastic for 2 people where you will have more room than in the two campers on top but it’s also perfect for three people. It has all the amenities but it also has a table which is more comfortable when dining and going about daily routines. When it’s time to go to bed, it’s very easy to switch things around and make a big bed for three people. This one also has seating for three so everybody in the camper can be strapped down with a seat belt like the law requires.

Like the two smaller campers, this is also a manual with a diesel engine, loaded with kitchen utilities like a proper fridge to keep your food and drinks cold at all times.  If you are bringing a lot of equipment like photo gear, fishing gear or maybe diving gear, this is better suited for two than the two smaller ones for it much more spacious.

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A camper for 4 (5)

VW California Beach Camper vanThe VW California is our flagship camper. It’s new for 2017 and has everything you need plus quite an exclusive driving experience. It has a diesel engine with an automatic gear box. This one has the absolute latest in fuel economy. You will be surprised when you stop at a red light and the engine turns off, only to seamlessly start again when you go off again.

4 people sleeps very comfortably in this one, even a family of 5 (not 5 grownups). For 2 people, this is the ultimate vehicle for a holiday around Iceland. With the sleeping accommodation for 2 on top, it becomes a hotel suite with two rooms. Like with the VW Caddy Camper, this one also have bespoke curtains for all windows, effectively cutting out all the light you want and gives you full privacy if needed while camping in campsites with many neighbors.

The crown on this jewel is the 4×4 drive, the only 4×4 camper in our fleet. With 4×4, you are safer on slippery roads and snow will be less of a problem but the big advantage is, it allows you to drive on few of the F-roads we have which are banned for all non 4×4 vehicles.

Book your camper for 4 to 5

Camper for 5

Renault Master 5 camper vanThis is our biggest camper van. The Renault Master 5 is a real work horse with room for 5 people (and seating) ready to take you wherever you want (except F-roads). This one is also equipped with a proper fridge and a sink making food prepping and doing the dishes much easier. Most people can also stand straight in this camper, making changing clothes and cooking much easier.

During the most rainy and windy days, you will have spare room to move around, set up table and eat inside in the warmth and heat.

Like all our campers, this is also a diesel and with a manual gearbox.  This camper has plenty of room for 2 people and again, it’s perfect for anyone bringing a lot of equipment like surfing gear which is on the rise here in Iceland.


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There are a few things to consider before you rent a camper. Many of your question we have tried to answer in our blog section like: (click on the text to find the answer)

May we camp wild in Iceland?

Are there campsites that are open all year around?

How far is it between gas stations?

Do we have to book a camping spot in advance?

What do we need to pack?

Can we camp by or close by famous movie locations?

What should we avoid while on vacation in Iceland?


Answers to other questions you might find in our FAQ but if you have more questions, feel free to mail them to us at: We are here for you so ask away! We want to do our best to ensure you have a fantastic time here in Iceland and that you choose the camper van which is right for you and your needs.


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