Winter rentals

One question we get repeatedly is: Can you use the camper van during winter? Yes! ,Absolutely.
All our Campers are equipped with studded winter tires and most importantly, a very efficient heating system making it possible to sleep all night comfortably in the camper.
Winter travelling in Iceland during winter time can be very fascinating. The country is breathtaking beautiful when it´s covered in snow and the change of seeing the famous Northern Lights are quite good, so have your camera ready !
Camper van driving in South of Iceland

Camping during winter in Iceland

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There are a few things to have in mind though as with camping in whatever accommodation during cold weather.

  • When you get ready to go to bed, make sure your sleeping clothes are dry, very dry. Any moisture will draw heat from your body and might make you cold.
  • The Icelandic woolen socks are fantastic in any weather and always helps you to be warm, no matter what. It‘s also so much easier to take off clothing during the night if you get too warm than trying to find clothes while you are shivering.
  • After a good night sleep, it‘s always a good idea, if possible, to give your sleeping bags a bit of air so you dry out any moisture that has collected during the night.
  • If you are susceptible to cold, you might want to dress up a little before going to sleep. There is a technique on how to dress properly and that is layers, thin clothes in layers is always the best way.
  • Try to keep snow out of the car. Snow melts and creates moisture.
  • If you go swimming somewhere (yes, you can swim outdoors all year long in Iceland), try to dry  your swimwear and towel as good as possible before storing it in the camper.
  • Don‘t leave the car door open, you‘ll cool down the interior.
  • If it‘s snowy and windy, read the nature to see where there are drifts. You don‘t want to wake up and starting the morning by being stuck.
  • If possible, park the car so it points towards the wind.
  • If the weather turns or will turn nasty, drive to the nearest town and stay in safety until the weather passes.
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you are expected to be back, like the hotel you might be staying at before or after the trip, or both.
  • Low sun conditions is something to have in mind as it happens over an extended period of time during winter and can severely affect your visibility so drive with caution.

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