What‘s included in the Camper van rental?

Your Camper is fully equipped with everything you need except food related items like cooking oil, spices and what else you need to cook. There are plenty of cheap food chains you can stock up your Camper with like Krónan or Bónus. So what’s included then? Here is a list of the main items.

· Sleeping room and seats for 2 people. Double bed (140 x 200 cm)

The size is slightly wider than a double size but not as wide as a Queen size bed and an inch shorter than a Queen size bed.

· Two Sleeping bags, sheets and pillows.

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We have two types of sleeping bags. One made for winter and is a bit thicker and fluffier than the ones used for summer. The linen are always newly washed and each Camper comes with two fluffy pillows.

· Heating system for cold nights.

The heater control is so easy to use. It is placed in your upper left corner in the back. You only have to turn the know in a clockwise rotation and it‘s on. The further you turn it, the warmer it gets. (see picture). The heater works on Diesel fuel and battery power. When this summer (2016) has arrived, we hope all our campers are equipped with dual batteries which means if the heater runs out of battery power, you would just turn on the car and the secondary battery gets charged.

What's included in the camper rental

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· Chairs & camping table.

There are two sturdy camping chairs and a table hidden under the bed. (as with all equipment. See the top picture)

· Camping Griddle & Gas.

You can easily fry fish, burgers and smaller meats on the griddle and you also have 2 pots, one little frying pan and a kettle to brew that perfect cup of tea or coffee.  The car comes with one full gas tank, free of charge, and they you can buy more gas in any gas station you pass. We highly recommend you always have one spare. There are few things more annoying when you run out of gas while you cook.

· Pots, Pans, dishes and cutlery.

Every Camper comes with two sets of forks, eating knifes, spoons soup plates, dinner plates, cups and glasses. One cutting board and a cutting knife. One spatula, one cooking spoon and also cooking tongs. A plastic container with a dish brush and washing up liquid. There is also a kitchen towel that comes with the car.

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· Free WiFi is included with Renault Trafic 3, Renault Master 5 & VW California Beach

The password to the free WiFi you find on a sticker attached to the dashboard. It has never been easier to share your traveling stories!

· Radio/CD/MP3/USB.

· Unlimited mileage & CDW Insurance.

See our terms page to see our additional insurance we offer.

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All campers vans have a stick shift and they all use diesel. The diesel pumps are very well marked by both text and black handles. There is also a spare tire hanging under the car so you can be ready in case you get a flat tire. All tools you need for a tire change you‘ll find under the driver‘s seat. If you have anymore questions, please send a letter to info@rent.is.


The VW Caddy camper has a choice of an automatic gearbox now.


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