Iceland Camper Van Packing List

 What to bring for your Camping trip in Iceland during summer!

Iceland during during summer can be such an incredible place with the eternal light and views that just goes on and on.  The endless road ahead of you and time is on your side. With limitless of camping places, you are having a truly free spirited holiday in a, at times, painfully beautiful country. To make sure you will get the most of your trip, there are a few things you should bring with you.
1.       You need decent breathable outdoor clothing like sturdy walking boots and clothes that can withstand rain and wind. You never know when those black clouds decides to blow over you.
2.       The evenings can get cold so make sure you have clothes to keep you warm at all times, including when sleeping.
3.       You need dry clothes to sleep in. Moist clothes can give you the chills during night.
Camping equipment when camping in Iceland
4.       Insect repellents is also very good to have with you. You might also want to consider one of those mosquito lamps for the summer evenings when you want to sit and enjoy the summer at your camping table. Lets be honest, there are one or two places where Mosquitoes or Midges are plentiful and you really want to be prepared for that. Bring your favorite after bite remedy and you might also want to bring a Mosquito head net just in case. Better to be prepared than sorry.
5.       Do not forget your swimwear and a towel  and get a map of all the places where you can enjoy natural hot springs or enjoy a swim in a pool you will find in most villages in Iceland.
6.       To make your food more tasty without having to buy all your favorite spices, why not pack small zip lock bags with your favorite spices and seasoning.  You are are also allowed to pick Blueberries for your own consumption if you can find them (they are plentiful in the right time and place). Iceland also has it‘s share of delicious mushrooms with Larch Bolete (Lat. Suillus grevillei), Birch Bolete (Lat. Leccinum scabrum) and Slippery Jack (Lat. Suillus luteus) being the most popular ones. We do recommend you read up on the subject so you know what you are doing before picking and cooking with wild mushrooms.
7.       A first aid kit. There are plenty travel packs to choose from. In case you cut yourself or scrape you knee or even support a sprain, it‘s good to be prepared, especially if you are far away from towns and villages.
Light protection for bright nights in Iceland
8.       Some visitors might experience difficulties to fall asleep during those bright summer nights so a sleep mask might be a good idea to bring for in high season, it really doesn’t get dark at all here. Our camper vans are equipped with curtains but that might not be enough so bring a sleep mask to make sure you can sleep if the light bothers you.
9.       A backpack suiting your activities. A sturdy one that can take a beating from rain and rocks.
10.   Shorts and T-shirts. Yes, you might need them, especially in sheltered areas. It does every now and then, get to be very warm and you want to be able to dress accordingly.
Then you will need your personal stuff too like toiletries, medicine and underwear and stuff. You know what you need. Many camping sites has washing facilities so you don‘t need to do your laundry in a creek. If you do, make sure you use something ecological so you won‘t poison the water.

Electronics You Should Bring:

  1. A mobile phone should be the very first item on your Iceland campervan packing list. Today’s smartphones come with a range of powerful features. Not only can they serve their primary purpose to make calls, but they also allow you to research, GPS navigate, communicate via the internet, and much more.
  2. Add your laptop to the camper van essentials. It will make it easier to communicate with properties and rental agencies, figure out your itinerary, and share your adventures online.
  3. Although you can get by with a smartphone camera, consider taking along a DSLR camera. While figuring out what to pack for Iceland, think about how you want to capture your memories. With this camera, you will snap higher quality photos and have various editing settings.
  4. A GoPro is the most popular camera for snapping exciting on-the-go moments. So, it should be among the things to pack for camping in a camper. This is probably the most convenient way to shoot high-quality video.
  5. When considering what to bring to Iceland, many people forget to pack an external hard drive. However, it comes in handy when you need to securely store your newly shot footage and photographs.
  6. For every electronic in your Iceland campervan packing list, pack away its corresponding charger. It would be a shame to forget it. Therefore make sure to double-check for each one before you go.
  7. In Iceland, you will likely access WiFi in at least a few public locations. Have a secure VPN connection to protect your privacy and sensitive data.
  8. Speaking of WiFi, if you find that your hotel’s connection is weak, use a mini pocket router to connect directly to the cable and improve its strength.
  9. A power bank is a must-have. Bringing it can be your backup when you have a dying phone battery in a remote location.
  10. For most people, the camera equipment mentioned above will be sufficient. But,  include a drone to shoot spectacular birds-eye view images. Among all the things to bring to Iceland, a drone might be worth considering.
  11. Finally, a pair of headphones or good-quality Bluetooth speakers could be valuable additions to your Iceland campervan packing list.

How to Prepare

We’ve explored how to pack for Iceland. Let’s look at how to prepare for your trip.

First off, start planning early! For instance, April visitors should look into what to bring to Iceland in the spring. Take note of clothing, shoes, and other accessories to better pack. Also, take into account the activities you wish to participate in or sights to see. To put in perspective, if you plan to dip into Iceland’s hot springs, remember to pack away your swimsuit. By the way, are you wondering what to bring to Iceland during the summer? You will definitely need a swimsuit during that season.

Another crucial aspect of the trip is smart budgeting. Since Iceland became one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, the prices have been steadily going up. Not to mention, the country’s growing economy is also a contributing factor. Figure out how much you can spend and look into how much your journey might cost.

Public transportation may limit you from seeing everything Iceland has to offer. Therefore, driving yourself around may make those exciting destinations more accessible. Even better, rent a camper from Fully enjoy the freedom and flexibility of comfortable living on four wheels while taking in your favorite sights.

However, when touring the country in your rental van, always be mindful of keeping your gas tank full. Plus, make sure you take out a prepaid card to pay for the gas, as many of the gas stations around the country are unmanned and only accept local cards.

Also, be mindful of the local laws – speed cameras are everywhere. Wearing seatbelts is mandatory for all passengers, as well. What’s more, driving off-road is strictly forbidden under all circumstances and punishable by hefty fines.

Another thing to consider is that you can’t do everything on your own. Activities like walking on top of glaciers, traveling to remote locations, or going out to the sea usually require professional guides. Therefore, make sure you book your tours in advance before they sell out.

For more help with your travel itinerary, check out our blog.  Additional information is available on the official tourist information website for Iceland, as well.

Packing for Iceland can seem like a daunting task, but if you plan in advance you will be well prepared for your upcoming journey.

There’s no better way to explore the beautiful and unique landscape of this magical island than with an Iceland camper rental from We are totally committed to making sure you have the trip of your dreams. Get started and plan for a stress-free trip across Iceland by booking your rental today!

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