Honeymoon in Iceland

So, September came and left and we at the office had the incredible hard task to choose only one winner of the September 2016 CamperStories competition. So many stories were just so wonderful, informative, ambitious and decorated with such amount of fantastic pictures and videos.

After a long deliberation, trying to figure out which one to choose and it actually seems unfair to only choose one but we have to. So we choose a couple who spent their honeymoon in Iceland, wrote a fantastic story with such lovely pictures and a video. It was also very informative.

A big congratulations to your wedding and to win the September contest goes to Melissa and Chris from Portland, Oregon. A splendid job indeed. You will get a 7 day refund of your camper van rental. Please enjoy their wonderfull CamperStories here:

Honeymoon in Iceland

A Honeymooniversary

Congratulations Melissa & Chris and thank you for sharing your honeymoon and adventure in Iceland.

The winning couple are not the only ones who have spent their honeymoons in Iceland. Here is a list of all our CamperStories friends who so generously shared their honemoon with us.

Honeymooning in Iceland

Séverines honeymoon in Iceland

Séverine from France came here and they spent two weeks travelling around Iceland for their honeymoon. This is their CamperStories. Congratulations to the newlyweds! ?

Spending a honeymoon in Iceland

Camper Honeymoon in Iceland

This Canadian couple had a lovely time and, according to me who is writing this, took one of the best shots we have receieved, the one with the wife in the waterfall. Congratulations guys! ?

Spending a honeymoon in IcelandAdventure in Iceland

This lovely couple from Barcelona decided to spend their honeymoon here instead of on a warm beach. They drove the whole ringroad and got to see all the big sites and went whale watching too. Felicitaciones! ?

A late honeymoonOnce upon a time there was a van called Fjörð

These Spanish couple took a series of the most amazing shots, truly inspiring. What a wonderful way to create lovely memories from a honeymoon. Congratulations to the shots and the wedding! ?

A perfect honeymoon celebrated in IcelandAmazing honeymoon in Iceland

Yet another couple who “did it all” while on an 8 day honeymoon, driving the Ringroad. They tried everything from whale wtching to snorkeling in Silfra! So happy you had a splendid time guys and congratulations! ?

These are the couples who spent their honeymoon here and we are eternally greatful for you all sharing your stores with us. Then we also have all the couples who laid the groundwork for a honeymoon, the ones getting engaged while travelling around Iceland in a camper van but that is a completely different story! ?

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Happy Camping!  #WohoCamper

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