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Rookies on the Ring Road

Follow road trip rookies Sarah & Katharina as they drive around Iceland in a camping van. This CamperStories is full of joy, info & great Iceland... Read more

Climate change in Iceland

An in depth & a philosophical approach to climate change, the continuous making of Iceland & man's role in life. A CamperStories to contemplate... Read more

Iceland Getaway

This CamperStories writer & her son dreamed of an Iceland Getaway in a camper. They explored south Iceland & took the ferry to Westman islands & loved... Read more

Zero plans in a Camper Van

A very charming CamperStories with detailed studies of Iceland's stunning nature, Icelandic cuisine & how to enjoy the most on your camper trip in... Read more

Iceland: The Second Time Around

After a Stopover in Iceland, this couple had to come back & explore the full Ring road in a camper van. This is their charming CamperStories... Read more

Leaving Your Heart in Iceland

After a camper trip around Iceland, this couple left their hearts in Iceland. They shot an excellent vlog & took some amazing shots for their... Read more