Winner CamperStories October 2016

So finally we found the winner for the October 2016 CamperStories contest. As usually (and it’s getting harder and harder), we had a very tough time choosing only one winner again but, we made it. We choose this one due to it being totally fresh, new ideas, containing all kinds of fun features like GIF, video, artwork etc. So without further ado, let us present the winner for the October contest.



The winner is Simon Aldcroft and his wife Lucy Martin with their story “The Ring road in 4 days“. A big congratulations to a job well done. Mr Aldcroft & Mrs Martin will soon receive his refund. Please read their story and check out what he and his wife experienced and shared while driving around Iceland in a camper van.

The ringroad in 4 days

We are well into November and we have quite a few fantastic stories already and it will be fun to see what else we will get before the month is over.

Despite being November and being a month normally not associated with camping, our customers understands the possibilities to camp in a camper van for it’s only a toilet short of being a home on wheels. Even Icelanders have seen the possibilities of wintercamping in Iceland and have campsites all over the country open all year around to facilitate this new, exciting type of tourism.


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Thanks again you all for taking part in our competition and sharing your stories, your love for the country and all your pics and videos.

Looking forward to seeing your camping stories for the rest of November and December!


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Happy Camping  #WohoCamper


Travelling in Iceland in a camper van


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