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Hit the road in Iceland

A Step-by-step travel guide on how to explore the Ring road in Iceland in a camper van. This CamperStories has so much info & facts for your Iceland... Read more

A week to make it: Iceland’s Ring Road in September

Doing the Ring road in Iceland in a Camper in one week was a no brainer for these guys who enjoyed their Iceland holiday. This is their CamperStories... Read more

Taking Advantage of Never-Ending Icelandic Summer Days

This couple wanted to take advantage of Iceland's endless summer days by renting a camper van & exploring the Ring road. This is their CamperStories... Read more

A budget friendly guide to Iceland’s Ring Road

A travel guide on how to do Iceland on a budget. Tip nr:1. Rent a camper. 2. Cook most of your own food. A CamperStories full of ideas for a camper... Read more

September Camper Trip

Join Sharon, Kathy & Jonas on their 5 day Camper Trip in September when they explore south Iceland. This is their CamperStories entry for a free camper... Read more

Icelandic Escapade

This Icelandic Escapade in the form of a CamperStories starts in Reykjavik & ends up under the Northern lights in Keflavik. Includes a vlog too. Good... Read more