• Top tips for a Roadtrip in Iceland

    Luke and Matt went on a road trip around Iceland and they want to share their tips about camper travels here. Great ideas from a 2-bed camper van. This is their CamperStories.

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  • Our summer adventure in Iceland

    Read Isabela & Gabriel’s CamperStories, a camper van trip around Iceland & enjoy their lovely renaissance inspired photos they did for their “The Canvas project”!

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  • Back to nature

    A wonderful CamperStories from the Ring road. A Yoga instructor drove around Iceland & discovered herself by connecting back to nature.

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  • Icelandic tales

    This Icelandic tale is about 4 friends driving the Ring road in a camper van & writing this lovely CamperStories. They explore East, North & South Iceland.

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  • Campervan Freedom

    Celeste brings us CamperStories nr: 18 & it's PACKED with photos, videos (18 of them) & info about destinations in Iceland, where to camp with your camper van rental. She drove the full Ring road and well beyond that.

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  • 2 weeks in Iceland

    These friends did 2 weeks in iceland & tried camping in the Westfjords, visited a red sand beach & went to Europe’s westernmost point, a brilliant CamperStories entry.

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  • Winner CamperStories November 2016

    Introducing the November 2016 CamperStories winner who will receive a full refund (7 days max) of their camper van rental here in Iceland. Congratulations!

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  • Our Icelandic Camper Adventure

    Another wonderful Camper Van adventure in Iceland. Follow Francesco & Callum on their CamperStories trip to black sand beaches, whales & diving in Silfra!

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  • A travel blog about Iceland

    More people find winter camping in Iceland to be a great vacation. Drive the Golden circle or the full Ring road & in your camper. This is a CamperStories of such a trip!

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