Nick & Rob’s Adventure around Iceland

Rob and Nick recently did an 8 day road trip around Iceland in a camper van. Having only met in Berlin a month earlier on our travels it was a bit of a spur of the moment decision for Nick, but we are both so glad we did this adventure together. We hope you like our story..

Day 1 – Reykjadalur & Seljalandsfoss

With the 4WD camper van at our disposal, starting in Reykjavik we elected to drive east along the Ring road. Our first stop was Reykjadalur the hidden hot springs, a pleasant start to our trip, it was so surreal lounging around in this water and really taking in this hidden gem. We then made our to Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. We walked behind the waterfall which was magical hearing the water roar down and been just meters behind. We were amble to watch the sunset in the background. We got soaked doing this but was an amazing site and was completely worth it.

From there we proceeded to the DC3 Plane wreckage. In darkness we made the 4km trek out to the wreckage, got our photos with slight site of the Northern lights through the thick cloud cover. Then made our way to one of the nearby camp sites at Skógafoss. By this time 12 o’clock at night. We had managed to pack all of this in 13 hours. We were both exhausted and truly ready for bed.

Reykjadalur hot spring river

Relaxing in the natural hot springs, Reykjadalur

Sunset through Seljalandsfoss

We have came across a lot of sunsets on our travels but this was the only one watching through a water, Seljandsfoss

Day 2 – Skógafoss & Reynisfjara

Today we had a good sleep in and went to the Skógafoss waterfall, we didn’t realize than we had camped about 100 meters away from the falls that night, since we arrived in complete darkness and very exhausted. Another amazing waterfall. We hiked about 7km quite slowly with Rob taking photos along the rugged valley.

The sun is shinning and the view is spectacular. Its around lunch time and decide to sit down and have lunch. I feel as if Rob and I got to know each other a bit better and looking back is one of my favorite moments of my trip. In the late afternoon we got to black sand beach near Vik, coming from Australia its like nothing we had seen before. The sunset on this black sand beach produced some marvelous sights.

Hiking beyond Skógafoss

Rob could not help himself but stop to take this picture, Skógafoss hike

Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara

The beautiful Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara

Day 3 – Skaftafell Hiking & Northern Lights

Today was the more challenging days where we did the Skaftafell hike. It was 16km in length and weather wise was the worst weather we encountered. Typical Icelandic weather conditions , windy, raining and extreme chill. But we came to Iceland wanting to do some hikes so it was a good challenge, although mother nature through this out us, the scenery was still stunning and worth getting wet.

We got back and found out that the Ring road was closed a few hours down the road. This threw out plans into disarray but the old saying goes as one door closes two more open. Rob comes up with a plan to go back the way we came, drive 5 hours to the west coast and set up a spot where we can have a good chance of seeing the Northern lights. So back in Bomber we get (our name for our van) drive 5 hours barely stopping, we pull over off the road where we think will be a good spot and their they are! Out in full brightness and dancing in the sky. It was Nicks second time seeing them and it was Robs first time seeing them in full display. As Rob was a keen photographer, Nick could really see how much it meant to him, this was his plan and it had come together nicely. After taking in the beauty of the Northern lights we head towards a Kirkjufell and find a camp site in preparation for the next day.


This was a very wet 16km hike, Skaftafell

Random waterfall on the Skaftafell hike

A stunning waterfall towards the end of our hike in the rain, Skaftafell

Aurora Borealis in Northwest Iceland

Our 5 hour drive paid off to see the Aurora Borealis dancing the night around, North West Iceland

Day 4 – Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellfoss

We have a short drive before reaching the Kirkjufell waterfalls. Rob wanted to be there for sunrise, however it was a overcast morning. One of Iceland’s most photographic location and it was clear why it was. Since we were at the falls for a few hours before we left we had Nick’s famous scramble eggs, got a few funny looks from passer-byer’s.

We made the long trek to Akureyri and found a camp site. After a long day on the road we were thirty and went the local backpackers bar. In the bar we meet a nice UK man and his father, as the group exchanges stories we soon realize we were all at the Kirkjufell waterfalls that morning at the same time, they are in the background in some of my photos.

Kirkjufellfoss & Kirkjufell

Such a unique location, Kirkjufell

Breakfast by Kirkjufell

Nick cooking his famous omelettes, we were defiantly getting some funny looks this morning or they were just extremely jealous, Kirkjufell car park

Day 5 – North Iceland

Today was a little unknown where we did little research to where we were heading. The first stop was Goðafoss, this was a horseshoe shape waterfall. Rob went down to the waters edge to get some photo’s as normal and while he down there a couple asked him to take a photo of them, then all of a sudden the man dropped to one knee and proposed. It was a beautiful location for their special moment. From here our adventure took us to Ásbyrgi Canyon, a quite area which is really unique, a giant canyon with a easy flat walk through and around the lip of the Canyon. It was really impressive seeing this place with so much vertical cliff face.

The main roads in Iceland are really well made, through as soon as you turn off the main Ring road you never know what your going get. In our direction it becomes quite bumpy, we stumble across these massive rock desert waterfall Dettifoss. This was massive, a really wide river, the volume of water going over the falls was really impressive. We planned to get to Mývatn before dark however the road was really rough and had drive slower than anticipated. We decided to pull over on the side of the road and stop for dinner and hope to see the Northern lights. Shaw enough with our luck and now learnt how to properly read the forecast charts the lights are out and dancing again. After a few hours we continue our way slowly to the next campsite a few hours away.

Feeding the Icelandic horse

Feeding the ponies breakfast, Akureyri

Proposing by Goðafoss

Capturing the magical moment in life, random couple proposal, Goðafoss

Ásbyrgi Canyon

A surprisingly flat hike with one wall climb, Ásbyrgi Canyon

Northern Lights dinner

Watching the Northern Lights while we are eating our dinner

Day 6 – Lake Mývatn area

In Mývatn we were both excited about the nature Bath, at 9am in morning all ready to go to only to find it is closed and doesn’t open till midday. We continued the rest of our plan for the day after that and stop at the nearby geothermal Pool! What a stench… Heading west we took a bit of a scenic route and went through a couple of fishing villages, one in particle was Siglufjörður.

We camped on a farm this with sheep and goats roaming around the yard. And most importantly is nearby our next stop in the morning the Glýmur waterfalls which we are both really looking forwards to.

Hiking on the Ring road

Nick stretching his legs

Day 7 – Glýmur waterfall

We make the short drive to Glýmur waterfalls where we hiked for an hour. Getting to the top and looking through the Valley. It was really magical looking down this valley with the mist of waterfall flowing through. We head to the Golden Circle region “Silfra lake” where Rob went snorkeling. As a alternative Nick hikes the tracks taking in the views of Silfra lake that appears to be silver looking water.

We proceeded to the Blue lagoon. A bit of a treat after clocking up some 500km today. Once again we see the Northern lights despite the fact the radar said probability was a 0, plus the light pollution by the nearby towns. It was so surreal been in the Blue lagoon with the Northern lights. While bathing we meet a couple of ladies from Lithuania who had good conversation so we meet back up for a tea party in our van, where we could watch the Northern light. It was another jamb packed day full of adventure.

Glýmur falls

View of Iceland’s second highest waterfall, Glýmur

Driving Hvalfjörður

A glorious stretch of road with stunning view which ever way you look

Snorkeling between the tectonic plates in Silfra

Rob diving between 2 earth plates, Silfra

Blue Lagoon sunset

Sunset at the front of the Blue lagoon

Day 8 – Reykjanesviti Lighthouse

Woke up to a cracker of a morning, got to watch the sunrise at Reykjanesviti Lighthouse which Rob was very excited about. Although reality soon hit it was a sad day for us as we had to say bye to Bomber the camper van, the van offered all our creature comforts which we both came accustomed to.

Grindavik Lighthouse - Hópsnes

A cracker sunset, Grindavík Lighthouse (Hópsnes)

Icelandic fish and chips and Viking beer

After 8 days of living out of a van we decided to treat ourselves and go out and get some local fish and chips and a Viking beer

In reflection, we both really enjoyed this road trip. Being the first time for Nick taking on a road and camping. It was great for Nick to have Rob with him as he has had previous experience with road trips prior. The exploring Iceland in the camper van has definitely inspired Nick to get out do more of this kind of living.

If you would like to see more of Nick and Rob’s travel adventure following them on Instagram at:

Nick: brown.nick8
Rob: rob_car

Nick & Rob, Skógafoss hike

Nick and Rob, Skógafoss hike


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