Best way to experience Iceland

There’s not a better way to see Iceland than in a Camper van. The remoteness of this breathtaking country means that many of its largest attractions can only be see by traversing it’s winding yet easily navigable highways and byways. The accommodations you’ll find in such a place, while comfortable can be sparse and this expensive; often requiring you to books weeks if not months in advance. This also
confines you to a rigid itinerary; and in an unpredictable place such as this rigidity does not a favorable situation make.
My cousin and I had no problems hitting the road with our van and found it quite comfortable and easy to handle. We never lacked a place to park for the night and would literally talk about our next day’s plans the night before. It was this kind of flexibility that allowed us to accomplish all of the items on our must do travel list when we were here. This also saved us a ton of money and as anyone who has visited Iceland or even done research as to the nature of the country, they will tell you that it can be quite expensive. By renting a Camper van we were able to pay one low price for our car, which is quite necessary in such a place, and our accommodations. Furthermore, since the camper came equipped with a camp stove, utensils, table and chairs, etc.; we were able to just buy groceries at the local market and make our own food. This was a life saver and a no brainer for any travelers on a budget.
Diving in Silfra
Of all of the sights that we saw in Iceland, my favorite was when I got the opportunity to do the Silfra Dive. I have been an avid diver for many years now and have done some of the most spectacular dives our planet has to offer and Silfra ranked right up towards the top on my list. Of all the places I’ve been Silfra had something very unique about it. The geological nature of it was simply captivating. The fact that you can swim through two diverging tectonic plates was beyond belief and majestic to behold. The crystal clear glacier water also meant that spectacular photos could be had.
In fact one of the photos that our dive guide Scott took has garnered so much attention on my Facebook page that nearly a third of my friends, or around 200 people liked it. That is easily the most popular photo I’ve ever posted and an instant classic that I will print and hang on the wall at my house. And it was simply the amazing natural surroundings and the remoteness of Iceland that make it such a great photo.
If your are a diver and in Iceland this is a must do! The great thing too about this dive is that since it is relatively shallow, just about any experience level can perform this dive. In fact we had one member in our group that had only done 12 previous dives! supplied all of the dry suits and were professional and thorough in all aspects relating to this experience. Overall it was wonderful and in itself made the trip worthwhile.
Tectonic plates in Iceland
As awesome as that lakeside adventure was, Iceland’s impeccable natural beauty doesn’t stop at exotic dives. We started our road trip headed up the southern coast from Reykjavik towards Vik. One of my most memorable moments was looking out of the window as the sun was rising in front of us and thinking to myself:
“If I didn’t know that I was in Iceland, I would
be positive that I was on another planet.”
The rugged black volcanic landscape paired with the deep green earth tones of the ever present moss was unlike anything i had ever seen, and will certainly never forget. The painting like landscapes didn’t stop there though. We soon approached our first of Iceland’s numerous waterfalls. Growing up in Nebraska, the number of waterfalls that I see in my day to day life certainly doesn’t number very high, so naturally I was awestruck when we approached Seljalandsfoss. That climb up the rocky hillside to get an unspoiled view was enough alone to make the entire trip worthwhile.
The geothermal area of Geysir
Iceland’s powerfully raw natural landscape also lends itself to even the most novice of photographers. I am honestly not kidding when I say that a person could trip over a rock, accidentally take a picture in any random direction of absolutely nothing in particular and they would have the next cover of national geographic in the palm of their hands. In fact to prove this point I took over one hundred and thirty photos the first day alone! (and not a single poor turnout in the bunch).
The black sand beaches and the oddly geometric basalt columned cliffs on the coast line looks like something out of a science fiction novel. Between the hundreds of waterfalls, the numerous natural geothermal powered hot springs, crystal clear trout filled lakes and the majestic coastal fjords, a person could literally do nothing but drive non stop along Iceland’s Ring road and it would not be a wasted trip.
Blue Lagoon close to KEF airport
We decided to cap off our already impeccable trip in the lap of luxury at the world famous Blue Lagoon. We scheduled an appointment, showed up, and before we knew it, we were melting into the silicon infused natural spring that is the lagoon. The water is naturally a perfect 104 degree geothermal powered hot tub and is said to have rejuvenating properties. I am no scientist but I can confirm that I felt amazing after our hour long soak in the greatest hot tub on earth.
The famous sculpture by the sea in Reykjavik called Sólfarir
My only regret of the trip was not staying longer and I can assure you that I will be back to the magical, other planetary volcanic rock that is Iceland. Bring your significant other, your parents, your kids or simply pack a bag and go by yourself, just please do yourself a favor and book your ticket now.
Happy Camping!  #CamperStories

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