Kerid Crater in Iceland: A Spectacular Natural Phenomenon

  In the south of Iceland, you will find a magnificent wonder of nature that’s like no other. Kerid is the most famous Iceland volcanic crater for many good reasons. This unique geological phenomenon has been attracting tourists from all over the world for decades.

Kerid crater lake is over 3,000 years old. It’s relatively shallow, going from seven to fourteen meters depending on rainfall. The water has a unique aquamarine shade of blue, enjoyable in any season.

Kerid crater is gorgeous in the summer and winter months. The spectacular rock formations and interesting hiking trails also add to the unforgettable experience of visiting Krater.

General Information About Iceland Craters

Iceland is a volcanic country with over 130 volcanos. With a long and devastating history of eruptions, many craters have formed all over the little island. When a volcano erupts, the explosion ejects rocks and various other materials that form the craters.

You shouldn’t mistake craters for calderas, which are formed when a volcano magma chamber collapses inwards. Craters are much smaller than chambers; in fact, people consider calderas to be giant craters.

Volcanoes define the way nature is going to look in Iceland, and the eruptions have formed unique contrasts in the landscape. Every Iceland crater is a unique wonder everyone should experience. Followed by captivating fields of moss-coated lava and tectonic rocks, the landscapes surrounding the craters feature dramatic color contrasts and unique views.

Some of the craters in Iceland are filled with water, like Kerid crater. Surrounded by rare red volcanic rock, the neon blue lake offers a one of a kind experience. Some lakes, like Víti explosion crater in the Askja caldera, are filled with geothermal water in which you may bathe if you want to.

Most of the volcanoes are inactive, and you can safely visit the craters and witness the unique beauty of Iceland.


Everything You Need To Know About Kerid

Located along the famous Golden Circle, Kerid crater is unique for many reasons, starting with the way it was formed. According to geologists, it didn’t form from exploding rocks as most craters do. Kerid crater has most likely formed when the magma in the center of the volcano depleted itself, causing an empty chamber beneath to cave in and form a bowl. The bright colors of the lake are out of this world, and the rare geological changes that led to its creation add to the exclusivity of the crater.

In addition to the amazing water, the steep side of the crater slopes is covered with rare red volcanic rock. If that’s not colorful enough, nature has made sure there is a splash of bright green in the scenery. One side of the slope is covered with majestic green moss, adding to the overall dramatic contrast at Kerid crater Iceland.

During winter, the lake freezes and transforms in an exciting ice rink for adventurous tourists. The scenery is covered with ice and snow, offering spectacular views for tourists and photographers. Kerid crater is equally impressive in the winter as it is in the summer.

Details on The Kerid Crater Lake

According to many, Kerid is the most beautiful crater lake Iceland has to offer. With unique slopes of red volcanic rocks that measure over 170 meters wide, Kerid is famous for the beauty of its caldera that’s still mostly intact.

The crater is only 3000 years old, which makes it the youngest geological feature in its surroundings. You can get really close to the crater lake and have a good look at its unique features. There is also a ladder that leads down the lake for the most adventurous visitors.

If you plan on going to Kerid on your own, prepare to pay a small fee to walk over to the crater lake. There is a pleasant hike around the rim of the crater that allows you to get close, enjoy the beauty and take spectacular photos. If you set your timing right and visit this beautiful place late at night, you will witness the northern lights in all their glory.

How do I get to Kerið?

To get to Kerid crater, the Golden Circle ring road is all you need to follow. It’s approximately 40 minutes by car or camper from Thingvellir National Park and 40 minutes from Haukadalur.

Finding this volcano crater near Reykjavik is very easy, and the road to it is very well marked. Many tourists rent cars and campers and have no problem finding their way to and back from Kerid crater.

Walking at the edge of the Kerid crater and taking spectacular photographs is what most tourists do when they visit. Although some people decide to go with group tours, many others like to create their own daily agenda and go on an adventure on their own. 

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