Once upon a time three strong and independent women agreed to join together to find out the truth about a mysterious land, called Iceland. After having heard so many different tales and stories about this land of ice and fire, of its highest mountains and deepest valleys, its eternal ice and frozen lakes; of its mountains spitting fire and blaze, ponds full of boiling water and its black soil; they decided that the time has come to explore this land by themselves.

On the road in the Westfjords

They were brought to the island by giant silver birds, as commonly used in their era. The birds they found flying all the way to Iceland had an unusual pinkish glaze- Wow!

Camping Vacation in Iceland

After arriving in the country, they traded almost all their gold for a rolling home, equipped with many astonishing features, helping them to survive the extreme conditions of this rough country. Its wheels could roll on ice and snow, there was a handy fireplace to cook and magical heating system, keeping the women warm and dry after every exhausting adventure and even during the long and cold nights.

Westfjords sheep Sheep in the Westfjords

Beautiful Westfjords Wild Westfjords

They drove to the Westfjords which were known for their breath taking beauty. On the long roads they met many creatures, but were most impressed by glowing white sheep, that had the longest and curliest fur they had ever seen. They could see so many sheep, but every time they tried to get closer to them, to touch their delicate fur, that looked so soft and warm, the sheep disappeared. They tried many many times, but each and every one of them failed every time they tried.

A Westfjords road trip Exploring Westfjords

A Westfjord river Arctic Fox

The three women made the wittiest plans to get to the golden sheep, but eventually they had to give up, just to continue trying the next day and the day after. The rolling home brought then to different regions. As they were promised before, they saw the highest mountains and the deepest valleys, the beautiful orange glow of the sun rising and setting, the stormy sea, heavy rains, the first snow, warm water wells and the black sand.

A dim Black sand beach Sunset in the west

 Gullfoss waterfall on the Golden circle Silfra in Þingvellir

Landscape in Iceland

After having reached the most westerly point there was only one desire unfulfilled: touching the fur of the golden sheep.

The Icelandic Sheep The Wild sheep in Iceland

The time of the long shadows Campervanning in the Westfjords

One day they met an Icelandic hunter, with a snow-dole in his hand, that he shot for Christmas. In respect of their country and the nature, he told us, every man was only allowed to shoot 7 doles. So far, he only had one. What a sad and beautiful moment for the women to see the white bird with the finest white feathers, that were soaked in red blood.

Off the road in the Westfjords

Hiking on Lava

They were asking the wise hunter for advice to approach the sheep. He told them that he had never touched a sheep, nor had seen any men doing so without hunting them or trapping them behind fences. But he told the ladies a tale, in which sheep and men were befriended, a long long time ago, before men started to chase and kill the sheep for their fur, their milk and their meat.

The open road of the Westfjords Westfjord waterfall

Hiking in the Westfjords Sunset over the Westfjords

Only in the golden valley, far behind the mountains and close to the see, a place where men barely set foot on, a grand-grand father of the wise hunter once met a flock of golden sheep, that were trusting and kind, sheep that did not run away and shared a golden piece of fur with him. That golden piece of fur was kept in the family of the hunter for decades and decades, and none of them ever committed in exploiting the sheep as many other families did.

Westfjords roads The bottom of Dynjandi

Since the Women were so eager to get closer to the sheep, they continued the Journey. They continued driving in the dark night in hope to find the golden valley. They drove far behind the mountains and continued until they were stopped by an enormous river, impossible to cross. They stopped, tired and hungry and sad. To keep up their strengths they started drinking their magic drink, that had helped overcome lots of troubles in the past.

Exploring Westfjords in a camper

Indulging the Drink, nourishing their bodies with a delicious meal cooked on the small portable fireplace, they sat for a long time talking and thinking about other ways to find the golden valley. Suddenly the sky started to light up in the middle of the night; starting with a soft greenish blur, slowly getting brighter.

Northern lights Iceland Aurora Borealis in the Westfjords

The Women were fascinated by the light, went outside to have a closer look. The green light became brighter and brighter and started dancing right in front of them. It was a pure blast of joy for the three ladies. They kept on walking and dancing outside with the lights.

The Northern lights The Northern lights in Westfjords

Aurora Borealis in northwest Iceland

Just as they were about to get tired and cold, one of them saw a flock of sheep not to far away in the valley; some were lying calm in the grass, others lifted their heads and watched the girls coming. But none of the sheep started to run away. The Women came closer and closer in a slow pace, they looked at the sheep full of amazement. And the sheep looked back the same way. The women set one foot in front of each other, just until they were standing in front of the whole flock. The biggest sheep with the curliest fur came closer to them, stood next to them and waited for the Ladies to pet its fur. Touching the softest golden fur ever seen by any man was the most delicate feeling. The Ladies shared the happiest moment of their life and could not believe their luck. Drunk by the beauty of the moment they fell asleep in the middle of the sheep. The next morning, when they woke up all of the sheep were gone. Just one golden piece of fur was laying on the grass in front of them, the softest and longest and most golden curl of fur they had ever seen, just to remind them that all this has not been just a dream. They accepted the gift of the sheep gladly and kept it for generations and generations in their family and shared the story with theirs heirs until today.

Iceland Drone photo


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