Iceland journey – Almost everything in one week!

It all began on a rainy day in May, landing in Reykjavik where the wind was chilly.

We arrived finally in our AirBnB which was located just next to the famous shopping street Laugavegur and went out for an excellent dinner at Matwerk Kitchen. The food and interior were just perfect and raised our spirit. Slow cooked lamb and fish with an Icelandic beer gave us good comfort for a night sleep.

Day 1: All weather conditions in one day, Vesturland Region.

From Reykjavik to Búdardalur Camping Site

We arrived at city office around 9 AM to pick up our fabulous camper van.  Eleanor that took care of us was so nice and gave us a lot of advice together with her colleague Jan, I think he was called ?

So off we go, and we start our journey by driving to the North as the weather forecast in the South was very bad for the next days.

Our Rental Renault Camper van rent-is camper rental company

We didn’t believe it until we experienced it but yes you can have the 4 seasons in Iceland within 5 minutes!!!  Rain, snow, sun, hail, storm and rainbows ? beautiful and exciting!

North Snæfellsnes North Snæfellsnes route

On the first day we also passed the Kirkjufell. A beautiful mountain shaped like a cornet. The dramatic shape also led our thoughts to Africa. But we were on the amazing and very recommendable Snæfellsnes peninsula!

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

A cute and exciting spot is the Stykkishólmur. Spending some hours in the car it was great to stretch our legs up to the top. For the effort you are rewarded with a fantastic view over the sea and surrounding islands.

The walk to the lighthouse in Stykkishólmur The Lighthouse in Stykkishólmur

It wasn’t rainy at Stykkishólmur. But a heavy wind gave a bit more than a fresh air to our lungs. At this point of the journey, we had chosen three layers of clothes and winter jackets!

Day 2: From Búðardalur Camping Site to Egilsstaðir

Yes, we will probably be repeating ourselves as many other visitors, but the landscape is so amazing on Iceland! On this day we passed Akureyri, Goðafoss, Dettifoss, Námafjall Hverir and Lake Mývatn. Plenty of waterfalls which all are shaped differently and where we were thinking; let’s see this one too!

Waterfall by the Ring road Crossing Snæfellsnes

As the weather was not that good then we had to stop for lunch. We loved to make our own small sandwiches in the car. Our favorites were salami with remoulade or paté with cucumber.

Salami sandwich Paté sandwich

Ok, let’s be honest. Not a gourmet lunch break. But rye bread is always a win!  On we went. Next stop felt like walking on the dead road and the smell is almost the same at Námafjall Hverir.

Námafjall walkway Námafjall geothermal area

Beside the discomfort, it is truly fascinating to see the steam coming up. You can easily hear how it is boiling beneath. Did you fart? Someone is smoking a big joint down under? Beside the poor jokes, there are some nice spa close to.

Day 3: From Egilsstaðir to Höfn Camping Site

Started early in the morning since the weather was fine. And yes, there is nothing like waterfalls when there is a blue sky and sunshine! So, we went up for a little hiking trip at the colorful Hengifoss. The sound of the highest waterfall on Iceland and the sun was a perfect opportunity to have a break!

Fieasta by Hengifoss Hengifoss Waterfall

We could not go to Iceland without tasting the famous Skýr cake at Skriðuklaustur restaurant. It was a pleasant experience, and while we enjoyed the cake the staff members prepared the cake buffet. We considered to stay even longer. It looked delicious!

Skýr Cheese cake Skriðuklaustur

Day 4: From Höfn to Kirkjubær II Camping Ground

Yet another fantastic ride. This time we competed with a horse. Who will win? There is just as many Icelandic horses as auto-campers on the island. We heard about the massive tourist invasion of Iceland before arriving. But coming so far to the north and east we drove hundreds of kilometers without seeing any other cars – and no gas stations as well. Consider filling up your tank!

The Icelandic Horse Motorhome Iceland

A must see is the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon. Stepping into the land of Frozen and looking for queen Anne-Sofie and some mythical ice creatures.

Fjallárlón Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon

Ice formation – is it a swan or a seal?                                                                                                              Yummy!

Skaftafell National Park is another icy must see. The hiking tour is a fairly easy 2 km walk and then we were confronted with a wall of ice – the glacier is fascinating!

rent-is camper rental company

Ok – it’s a clear attempt to make an impression for using RENT.IS but you can also pay attention to the blacker glacier on the left side. Lava dust gives it an extra rough look. Nature is wild!
A few pictures taken from our camp site at Kirkjubær below. In addition, to the nice facilities at the camp site there was a steep hill to climb just next to. It was quit an effort and we got our fear of heights tested very well here. But already half way up we were rewarded with a magnificent view. The only noise was coming from the playful lambs at the bottom of the green hill and the waterfall next to us.

Kirkjubær farmhouse Waterfall close to Kirkjubær farmhouse

Day 5: From Kirkjubær to “Britas” guesthouse in Selfoss

Visiting Skógafoss, Vik, Seljalandsfoss and a very stormy and wet hike to see the DC-3 plane at Sólheimasandur. Approximately one hour each way. But that is a little test compared to what must have been the passengers challenge. But good to know they all survived!

Inside the crashed airplane Inside the DC3 Inside the abandoned airplane

Due to the harsh weather conditions we went to overnight at a guesthouse and to get all our clothes dry. What a pleasure that was.

Day 6: From Selfoss to Reykjavik

In contrast to the day before we really wanted to undress this day! We went to Hrunalaug hot spring (natural spa) close to Flúdir. We had it for ourselves and it was quiet so we could hear the steady stream of warm and comforting water trickles into the approximately 1 m2 tiny pool.

Hrunalaug hot pot Hrunalaug hot spring

Filled up with new energy after the relaxing hot pot we went on to see some of the most well-known sites on Iceland. We entered to the Golden Circle with Geysir, Gullfoss and Þingvellir!

Alþingi - Þingvellir National Park

Walking through Þingvellir gave us goosebumps. We imagined how the Vikings would meet here to discuss important matters (one of the first parliaments in the world), compete and, of course, execute people. After all, they were Vikings!

From dramatic historic scenes to fascinating Gullfoss and Geysir – natural wonders of its own. We enjoyed them!

The Waterfall Gullfoss Geyser Strokkur

Day 7: Reykjavik & Blue Lagoon

On our last day we went sightseeing in Reykjavik – to the recommendable National Museum of Iceland. There was time for shopping too. It seems the Icelanders just love their nature, literally love…

The National Museum of Iceland Lunch at the Blue Lagoon

Equipment nicely marketed                          Enjoying a last meal at Blue Lagoon with a little Brennivin.

The above is just a snap of what we have seen. Iceland is fantastic, breathtaking, fascinating and we absolutely loved every single part of it. It was now time to deliver our Renault mini-van back to RENT.IS and head to the airport. Off we went, and it was not a farewell but a see you soon, Iceland!


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