Cause only a few places let you feel completely free’’ – A.B.

Saint Valentine day. Pedro turns 30, newly promised and between glasses of wine and a thousand memories of our great adventures (travelers where there are), we decided without hesitation that this year we had to know Iceland.

We started searching in Google and without questioning it, we decided to travel in August in a camper van! Our first experience in a camper van!

August 17th, restless and somewhat nervous we arrived on the big island! The camper van seemed incredible! It had everything necessary to enjoy the next 10 freedom days, discovering a country that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent! Time to go ahead.

Thanks to WiFi we reached our first destination: the Golden Circle! The first stop was in the Þingvellir National Park. The park is located in a cozy valley formed by the separation of two tectonic plates (North America and Eurasia) with rocky cliffs, fissures and waterfalls. After a great walk, we come back to the camper van and we arrived at Gullfoss Waterfall. Marvelous!!!!

The Waterfall Gullfoss

And finishing the day the Kerið crater. After a long time of walking we were looking forward to the camper van to prepare a delicious lunch.

A couple of hours later driving roads with incredible landscapes we arrived at Reykjadalur, a quite long trekking route ending with a natural thermal baths (hot springs)! Without any doubt, one of the best and authentic experiences of the trip!

Reykjadalur hot springs

Relaxed and already in our new house we found an ideal place to prepare a hot soup. What a pleasure!

We wake up in Hveragerði and after preparing a good breakfast we created the route for the new day. We started to walk the Ring road! The first thing that we found on the way was a very large waterfall (Seljalandsfoss) in which we could walk in back of the path to our surprise!

We considered to find an amazing place to cook and have a little nap, and we found it! At the base of the incredible Skógafoss waterfall. When we woke up we walked the mountain that bordered the waterfall following a route that left us speechless.

We would not arrive without stopping at the viewpoint of the famous black sand beach! Small beach and small views. We also had the luck to see Puffins flying on the cliffs. Vik was the last place of the day.

Black Sand Beach Reynisfjara

Rested and with charged batteries we started the new day. The next destination, Höfn! We found the road amazing with its huge glacier in the background. The Vatnajökull glacier. When traveling the country with the camper and having WiFi we were making stops of incredible places (Google-sapiens 😉 ). After several stops, we arrive at the stunning lake Jökulsárlón and Diamond beach! Seeing the glacier with the thaw we thought was unique.

We ended the day in Höfn in a desert place, where we could sleep in the deepest silence of the night with an implausible Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Aurora Borealis Iceland September

Prepared to start a long day on the road as we wanted to reach a coastal town called Seyðisfjörður. With the landscapes that Iceland was giving us together with good lists on Spotify we spent the fastest time. Seyðisfjörður is a town that you imagine in stories! There we could try the Viking beer and how the Icelandic fish could not miss; very delicious!

Seyðisfjörður Village

Our 4 days of travel and with a lot of desire to continue exploring the country. We arrive at the most famous waterfalls in the North, Dettifoss and Selfoss. Two waterfalls with enormous strength and above all a totally virgin land.

The Waterfall Dettifoss

To end the day we arrived at a dream sunset in Húsavík, where lying in the camper we could see the sun fall in the ocean.

Iceland Camping

Húsavík stands out for its whale sightings. In that area of the sea they informed us that they inhabit many species of whales. We could only see the humpback whale. But it was enough. Besides being huge, it was gorgeous.

A few kilometers from Húsavík we move to see the waterfall called Goðafoss! Its shape and color are unique.

Our last stop of the day was in Akureyri! And to relax from such a busy day we decided to go to the public pool, also can be named SPA, cause it was so so big and comfortable. Numerous swimming pools, with hydromassages, slides, sauna … and as not a warm, warm shower.

Free roaming sheep Iceland

The next morning we walked through the streets of Akureyri. Until we decide to go to the next destination; Búðardalur! We were looking for seals! And we found them. It was a joy to see numerous birds and seals in their natural habitat.

On the seventh day we went to see the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Iceland is a country where eating kilometers into the camper van engage you. Its landscapes are amazing. We arrive at a coastal village with its idyllic harbor and with a fabulous view of its cliffs. After a long time, our appetite opened and we went to try the fish and chips in the area. We liked it a lot.

We finish the day in Borgarnes with the last ride of the day. Borgarnes is a small town but very charming, its bay and its construction seemed ideal. We woke up in the camper after having slept 21:00 pm. It was Sunday and we decided to try their pool that we like so much, and we hit!

Camper van nap

Now yes, well relaxed we went to eat in Akranes. Since the day gave us 15 degrees and a bright sun we decided to buy in typical Icelandic meat and appetizer bonus, to cook it with the gas stove! We set up our campsite and ate! All delicious! After walking and seeing the town, we decided to go to Reykjavik.

Reykjavik from Hallgrímskirkja

We had time to see the church, its colorful streets and the occasional authentic market! Barely aware we were on our last night in Iceland. What a pity! It is a country that absorbs all your senses, giving you the opportunity to live to the fullest every minute. Its people, its waterfalls, its volcanoes, its glaciers, its mountains, its coasts, its light, its night make it a country besides amazing matchless!

The Flag of Iceland

Iceland August 2018


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