Eva & Dani’s Icelandic story

Hi there! We are Eva and Dani. After four years of relationship we have chosen the magical Iceland for our first trip together. We arrived in the land of ice and fire on the 12th October and we spent the next two days in Reykjavik discovering the capital. But our real adventure began when we picked up the camper van rented with Rent.is and then we started writing our travel diary that now we want to share with you. We hope you will enjoy it!

Rented Camper Van

Day 1 – Northern Lights

It’s October 14th in the afternoon and we must pick up what would be our wheeled-home for the next five days: a Renault Kangoo which we’ve named Lights Hunter. After buying some food we go on to find a place to sleep. It’s already dark when we find it so we have no idea where we are, but we settle in here wondering what we will see when we wake up next morning… Exciting, isn’t it? Well, this is not all! A few minutes before falling asleep we look out the window and… There they are! Iceland welcomes us with its wonderful Northern lights show. Our treasured Lights Hunter lives up to its name the first night. Well done lovely! Already in pyjamas, we put on our coat as fast as we can and go out to see the green lights.

Northern lights show in October

Day 2 – Ϸingvellir National Park

Today we wake up in the middle of a breath-taking landscape surrounded by extensive lands, mountains and vegetation. After taking lots of pictures we unfolded the camping kit included in our Lights Hunter and we have breakfast. With recovered energy and our stomachs full we head to Ϸingvellir National Park where we spend hours walking and admiring its peace and beauty. We also make a quick stop in Almannagjá fault where Dani attempt to separate both continents even more but he only gets the disappointment of knowing that he isn’t as strong as he thought. Later in the afternoon, we visit the Great Geysir where the skittish Eva gets startled every time it erupts and Dani meets a couple of chatterbox crows with whom he has a long and interesting conversation. We end the day in the Golden Circle visiting the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall, a must for those who visit Iceland.

Ϸingvellir in October

Day 3 – Flúðir & Ϸjórsárdalur

This morning we’re having breakfast in Flúðir Secret Lagoon’s parking. We wanted to eat quickly so we could make the most of the morning in the swimming pool but suddenly a furry and friendly special guest comes to visit us… It is a lovely dog called Bangsí! He joins us in our breakfast and we end up extending the morning because we can’t resist playing with him. But this is what travelling to Iceland is about, right? Enjoy every moment and give up the rush!

Finally we say goodbye to Bangsí and we go into the pool. After a couple of hours soaking at 40˚C we are so relaxed that we can barely remember our name. It is getting late, so quickly we leave Flúðir and we drive to Ϸjórsárdalur to see the turf houses, the Hekla volcano in the distance and as Dani’s crazy about volcanoes we need to go visit the Lava Centre in Hella. It’s already night when the visit ends so we look for a place to spend the night and again, Lights Hunter take us to the right place to see the stars and the amazing northern lights.

A dog called Bangsí Bangsí the dog

Camper Holiday in Iceland Camper van holiday lunch

Day 4 – Skógafoss & Sólheimajökull

One more day we wake up in the middle of nature, silence and Icelandic horses. After having breakfast we go to Skógafoss waterfall and then we get some local fish and chips with a  DELICIOUS Icelandic tartar sauce to recover all the fat we have burnt after going up and down more than 600 steps. From there we drive to Sólheimajökull glacier where the landscape looks like the background of a mountain clothing advertisement. It’s amazing to see such an amount of ice in the middle of green fields and mountains, but we’ve learnt today that in Iceland, if you want a change of landscape you just have to move a few meters. After that we head to Vík in order to see Reynisfjara beach but soon it gets dark, it starts to rain and the day becomes very windy so we decide to stop and spend the night in a safe place.

Horses in South Iceland Skógafoss falls in October

Canyon in Iceland Glacier hiking in October

Day 5 – Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

We wake up on the same rainy and windy day as yesterday and we’ve got lots of kilometers to drive, so without having breakfast we ride in the car and head to Jökulsárlón glacier. We stop off on the way to get a sandwich and prepare some hot soup that we keep in a thermos to drink along the way (thanks Bónus for making our lives easier) and we continue with our trip. During the next two and a half hours of the trip we see the lava and moss fields from Eldhraun, waterfalls and mountains. Initially we didn’t want to stop, but the beautiful landscapes of Iceland make it impossible not to do so.

Finally we reach the glacier and all we can say is WOW. Two minutes ago we were driving through black and green fields and suddenly we are looking at pieces of blue iceberg floating towards the sea. It’s crazy! And you know what’s more? We are seeing something swimming in the water… Oh wait, it’s a seal! At this point Eva goes mad and starts barking waiting for a response from her marine buddy… But it doesn’t happen. I guess she should improve her barking skills for the next time we’re visiting Iceland. Now we are going back to Selfoss, but the trip is being hard for the poor Dani who is hurting his wrist while driving due to the strong wind caused by Ophelia hurricane getting the coast of Europe and the south of the island. After driving for almost four hours, we finally reach Selfoss where we are sleeping tonight. It’s been a long day so I’m afraid we are going to fall asleep soon…

Good night diary!

The Glacier Lagoon in October

A seal in Jökulsárlón

Day 6 – Kerið Crater

Good morning diary!

We’ve just woke up and we are having breakfast with stunning views. Today is our last day in Iceland and you can’t imagine how much we are going to miss all this. After saying goodbye to the place where we’ve slept we head to Kerið, a volcanic crater lake. Here we walk through the crater and the lake where we take several photos. We have left Kerið and we are on our way to get our Lights Hunter pretty and ready for the next lucky ones who are going to drive it. We just hope that they enjoy it as much as we did! It’s the time. We return our wheeled-home back to the office wishing to rent it again soon, because we’ve had a crush on Iceland and for sure we are going back. Wait for us Lights Hunter!

October by Kerið Caldera October Camper camping


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