What to pack for winter camping in Iceland

It is often said that if you don‘t like the weather in Iceland, wait 15 minutes. It has some truth actually for the weather can change really fast, in any direction. Driving around Iceland in a camper van during winter requires warm clothes. Although the temp in most of Iceland doesn’t often get to be seriously cold but it does happen, especially in North Iceland so be prepared for the worst possible scenario. You have a camper van to store all your clothes in so you don‘t have to worry about having to carry it around at all times.  So what are the necessities?

Winter jacket for Iceland by Cintamani
1. A sturdy jacket to keep you warm at all times. It has to be able to resist wind properly and keep you dry. A thick down jacket is the way to go.
2. Head protection. At the very least you need a proper cap to keep you warm. Something that covers your ears and again, think of the windchill, especially if you are planning hikes. You might even want to pack a balaclava. Your jacket should come with a hood too so you can protect yourself against any weather.
3. You will need decent thermal underwear, both for outdoor activities and for sleeping. Do not use the same ones for both sleeping and walking for the underwear will be moist after any outdoor activities.
4. Gloves or mittens is a must when you are outside, also for scraping off ice of the car when you are out on your adventures.
5. If you like to be active, you should have long johns, thicker insulating pants on that and on top of that, rugged wind pants to cover you from wind, snow and abrasion. Jeans should be avoided in very cold weather.
6. On your upper body, again, proper thermal underwear and build up your insulation with layers. It‘s way more easier to remove clothing if you get warm while being outdoor than to add on the sweater you left in the car.
7. Bring your favorite scarf.
8. Swimwear and a towel. Yes, you are highly recommended to take a swim in any of the many swimming pools, geothermal baths and spas you will pass. It‘s absolutely fantastic to swim around in heavy snowfall but  remember, hailstorm are nothing but pain on your naked skin. If you would be surprised by a hailstorm while playing around in a pool, get inside and wait for a few minutes. They never last long.
A must for camping in Iceland during winter.
9. A very good thing to bring is gaiters and crampons or snow grips for your walking boots. There are plenty to chose from. Chose the ones suiting your activities.
10. Polaroid sunglasses. The sun can get to be really strong when there is snow everywhere. To protect your eyes properly, make sure it‘s polaroid glasses.
11. Sun protection. When the sun is reflected on snow, it adds up and if you are not put on some sun protection, you might get a burn.
12. A backpack suiting your activities. Make sure it‘s water proof so your things doesn‘t get soaked in case it‘s snowing.
13. If you are planing to visit beautiful places like Mývatn in the  northeast of Iceland where it can get very, very cold, you might want to have protection for your lips too.
14. Flashlights and batteries. You have lights in the camper van but, like the Scout motto, always be prepared.
Of course a camera is a must. If you can charge your camera with USB, you can do that in the car! If you prepare for the worst, you can enjoy the best! Very few things can destroy a winter vacation like being wet and cold. Bring extra clothes so you can change too and remember to enjoy, for you are int for a great, magical ride through the Icelandic winter landscape.
Happy Camping!  #WohoCamper
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