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East Iceland Travel Guide

Too many people turn back to Reykjavík after they have reached Jökulsárlón, the famous glacier lagoon and skip exploring the wonders of East Iceland. Also too many only drive the Ring road past the eastern side and miss out on so many fantastic places for you have to turn off the Ring road to really... Read more

The Icelandic Pledge

Take the Icelandic Pledge & inspire others to protect the nature in Iceland. If you do, your CamperStories will be decorated with the official... Read more

North Iceland Travel Guide

North Iceland Travel guide. All you need to know about driving off the beaten path in North Iceland. Avoiding the Ring road and truly exploring Iceland in a Camper... Read more

Westfjords Travel guide

Westfjord Travel guide. All you need to know about driving around the Westfjords. Find out where to camp, swim, points of interests & where to fill your camper with food &... Read more

Renting a camper in Iceland

Considering renting a camper in Iceland? Need a camper for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people? Here is what you need to know before choosing your camper van for your Iceland... Read more

Iceland in Eurovision

All about Iceland in Eurovision, the history and fun facts about Eurovision, the European song contest! Break a leg... Read more