So you decided to go all the way and rent a motor home which is of course the ultimate way to explore Iceland. You have your own kitchen, fridge, shower, your own beds and you have your own toilet too. It must be the most comfortable way of them all to travel around Iceland, be totally by your own, being self sufficient and have no one to be dependent on.

Motor home rental IcelandWell, let’s be honest, there is one backside to this luxury. You need to empty your septic tank at a regular interval. No fun at all with that but it has to be done.

But then again, the job takes like 2 minutes and it’s done. The bigger challenge is to find a lavatory disposal site, which camping sites offers this service. Most of them do actually and even some gas stations but nothing is for granted.

Camper lavatory disposal in IcelandThe fuel company Olís has an interactive website showing where they offer portable toilet drain. So far they only have 5 stations around the country but you can find them here.

Where to empty your toilet water from your motor home in IcelandAnother fuel company is N1 and they also offer this service with an interactive map you can find here. So far they only have three stations which offers this service. Since you have free WiFi on-board, you can just click on the links above to find out more.

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Camper lavatory disposal sites in Iceland

The Environment Agency of Iceland has the best site of them all of course, with every legal septic tank disposal site in Iceland, including a brochure and an interactive map where you can zoom in and out to find the places. Very convenient indeed. To get to the interactive map, click on the Iceland map below.

Camper Lavatory Disposal in IcelandYou can also print out the PDF file with all the disposal places we have here in Iceland. Click on the picture to the right “Camper lavatory disposal” and another window opens up with the file. Download and print it if you want to.

So, there are dump sites all over Iceland and if the camp sites have dump sites too, the is a big chance they will have things like water, shower, electricity and whatever you need at least close by.

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Sewage water disposal

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