How To Have A Perfect Iceland Summer

The season you choose to explore Iceland can shape your entire experience, and the differences in landscapes between seasons are pretty dramatic. If you’ve decided to visit this magnificent land in summer, you’re in for some treats. 

We’ve prepared all the important info you need to experience an amazing Iceland summer.

The Summer Weather In Iceland

If you’re wondering when summer is in Iceland, you should know that the sunny season officially starts on June 20th and ends in September. Although the Iceland summer temperature doesn’t reach tropical scales, it still gets warm, sunny, and pleasant for exploring. On a warm summer day, temperatures reach their peaks at around 20-25 °C (68-77 °F).

What To Pack For An Icelandic Summer

When it comes to packing for an Iceland summer, the necessities may vary depending on the type of activities you have planned. Visitors who spend most of their time hiking glaciers will need a different wardrobe from those coming to bathe in hot springs. 

However, there are still some basics that will always be handy in Iceland during the summer:

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • T-shirts and shorts
  • Thermals
  • Long sleeve shirts and a warm thick sweater
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Swimsuit
  • Hiking boots
  • Hat

Things to See

There are numerous Iceland tourist attractions in the summer for everyone to enjoy. Let’s name the most remarkable things to see in the Land of Ice and Fire during summer days:

Icelandic nature

When talking about summer things to do in Iceland, the first thing we have to mention is exploring the majestic Icelandic nature. You can drive around and enjoy the unique natural wonders of Iceland. Only in summer, the weather conditions allow you to go anywhere you want and visit every corner of this magical land.

Soaking in the incredible views, contrasts, colors, and shapes of the unique nature in Iceland should be the first thing on your list.

Whales and Puffins

During the warmest months, the coast of Iceland is home to tons of whales. You can watch them swim around the beautiful coast. Whale watching is available from almost every coastal town in the country.

When it comes to Iceland attractions in the summer, there is something quite incredible and unique to this place. Iceland is the largest puffin colony in the entire world during the summer, with an estimate of eight to ten million birds each year!

The whale and puffin season in Iceland usually lasts from April to September, reaching its peak in mid-summer.


The Westfjords are where the most dramatic landscapes take place, and also where mass tourism vanishes. Only ten percent of all tourists that come to Iceland visit the Westfjords because they aren’t located on the popular Ring Road.

Broad multi-colored, dreamy beaches and jagged bird cliffs along with mesmerizing coastal fjords and majestic mountains make visiting Westfjords an unforgettable experience. The Hornstrandir hiking reserve in the northern part of the sleepy region is the crown of Westfjords. During summertime, the road conditions are perfect for visiting the Westfjords, often called the Bestfjords.

Things to Do

There are many interesting things to do in Iceland in summer.  Let’s list a few:

Bathe in Natural Hot Springs

Incredible natural hot springs with majestic geysers are hidden all over Iceland. Ever since the era of the Vikings, the people of Iceland have enjoyed taking baths in natural hot pools and rivers. The bubbling magma underground warms up the water to pleasant temperatures.

Whether you enjoy going completely nude in a raw natural setting, or you’re more of a type who needs a facility to change into a bathing suit, Iceland has you covered. Bathing in the natural thermal waters is often one of the most favored things to do in Iceland in July for every visitor.

Visit a Summer Festival

Summer festivals are incredibly popular in Iceland. Nearly every village holds its own festival during summer peaks. Visiting a summer festival falls under the most interesting things to do in Iceland in August, especially for dynamic tourists.

If you’re looking for the perfect Reykjavik summer, you shouldn’t miss its Iceland summer festivals, including Culture Night, Gay Pride, and the biggest of them all called Secret Solstice. The sun doesn’t set during midsummer in Iceland, so the parties don’t end late at night – they continue under the amazing midnight sun until morning!

Explore the Glaciers

While you may think winter is the only time to explore the Icelandic glaciers and witness glacier activities, the truth is you can visit them all-year-round. In fact, during summer, you will have the same exploring conditions you would during winter, except the weather will be warm, clear, and sunny.

The summer is ideal for visiting the incredible Icelandic glaciers. However, make sure you always visit the glaciers with an experienced guide or on an organized tour. They can be dangerous for people who aren’t familiar with them. Also, make sure you book your tour on time because the glaciers are incredibly popular and usually booked months in advance.

Visiting Iceland in the summer is an unforgettable experience for every tourist. At Rent Is, we know every visitor has their preferences, and we always strive to be of help. Contact us to learn more or to book a comfortable camper rental in Iceland. We also recommend exploring our comprehensive Iceland travel guide.

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