How to Embark on an Iceland Self Drive Tour

Iceland is a country that’s filled with amazing sights—sights that captivate even the most seasoned traveler. The vastness of the natural wonder that defines the Land of Fire and Ice makes it hard to pick the best starting point.

Touring Iceland by car offers the most incredible opportunity to see the rich culture of this country, but should you do it with the aid of an Iceland car tour company or forge your path?

To help you decide, we’ve compiled the best reasons why you should embark on your own Iceland self drive tour. We’ll also discuss whether you should book one of the Iceland self-driving tours or create your own Iceland self guided tours.

Why Should You Take a Self Drive Tour in Iceland?

The primary reason to self drive Iceland is to set your own pace and avoid the crowds. By booking a 4×4 or campervan, you’re in charge of what you’ll see and when you’ll see it.

You’ll be master of the open roads as you delve into the furthest reaches of the exotic landscapes that define this beautiful country. Booking a driving tour of Iceland is the optimal way to discover the island nation’s uniqueness. 

Self Drive Tour Packages vs. Custom Road Trip 

Once you’ve decided that the open road is calling to you, you’ll have to choose between crafting a DIY road trip adventure or one of the pre-planned self drive tours in Iceland.

Each version of an Iceland driving tour offers you the chance to see impressive volcanoes, magical icebergs, stunning waterfalls, mighty glaciers, and the Aurora Borealis’ natural phenomena.

Self-driving tours of Iceland booked through a company will take care of the accommodations and itinerary for you.

However, by creating a custom road trip, you can guarantee that you see all the sights you want and can typically save more than $1,000. 

Creating Your Own Itinerary 

Two decades ago, it may have been more beneficial to book an Iceland self drive tour through an agency. 

Many locations and customs can be challenging to understand for foreigners, and you may have only heard about sites from second-hand sources. However, you can overcome many of these obstacles with your smartphone. 

Benefits of Creating Your Own Itinerary

When you decide on an Iceland self drive tour, you’re seeking freedom and convenience. 

You want the freedom to choose as many or as few destinations that your heart desires. You don’t want to be bogged down by time constraints or adhere to a fixed schedule. 

Hotels in Iceland can sometimes be hard to develop, especially in the more remote regions along the Eastern coasts. One way to mitigate this concern while freeing up your opportunity to see more of the country is by renting a campervan instead of a car. 

Since these will act as mobile homes, you can save on accommodations, freeing up your budget for adventure. 

Worthwhile Road Trip Destinations 

While Iceland is filled with marvels for every traveler type, each destination will have its unique draw.

The Golden Circle

An Iceland self drive tour isn’t complete if you haven’t journeyed around the Golden Circle. Beginning in Reykjavik, this 190 miles (300 km) route will cover three of the main attractions:

  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Geysers At Haukadalur
  • Gullfoss Waterfall

The Blue Lagoon

For those that want a more relaxed getaway, a trip to the Southwest tip is in order. Here you’ll find the world-famous Blue Lagoon. It’s a geothermal spa resort, well-known for its medicinal properties and remarkable milky blue hue. 

Puffin and Whale Watching

Iceland provides the opportunity to gaze at some of the world’s most majestic creatures. With accessible boat rides, you can potentially see orcas, blue whales, fin whales, and even the unicorn of the sea, the narwhal. 

To add to your boat ride expedition, you can even book a tour to see the island’s adorable colony of puffins.

Sample Self Drive Tour Itinerary

If you want to see the wonders of Iceland, you can make an itinerary by following the Ring Road. 

Being a circle, you have the option of which direction you want to begin heading. To make this sample easy to follow, we’ll start in Reykjavik and head east along the Southern Coast.  


After arriving in Iceland, you should spend at least a day in the nation’s capital. Filled with idyllic streets and cafes, it serves as an excellent starting point for your vacation. 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

While there are many sights to see along the Southern coast, you will want to make a stop and bring your camera when you come across Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. You can even view this majestic waterfall from behind the crashing waters. 

Hiking Sólheimajökull Glacier

If your wanderlust is tinged with adrenaline, you’ll want to make a stop for Sólheimajökull Glacier hiking. Even if you’re a confident hiker, it’s recommended to go with a guide since glacier hiking requires specialized equipment. 

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

A world-famous destination is the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, aptly named for its gorgeous black sands. 

The Eastfjords 

While the Eastfjords aren’t as densely populated as their Western counterparts, they offer various attractions that can’t be found anywhere else. 

One example is Vatnajökull National Park. Europe’s largest national park is also home to Europe’s biggest glacier. 

Here you can find out how Iceland got the nickname the Land of Fire and Ice. The massive glacier sits above a series of volcanoes and is pocketed with ice caves that can be explored. 

Northern Lights

Regardless of where you find yourself on the Ring Road, you’ll want to scan the northern skies for the Aurora Borealis. The magic of the Northern Lights is enough to qualify an Iceland self drive tour in and of itself.  


The north’s answer to the Golden Circle is the Diamond Circle. Here you can find natural phenomena such as:

  • The picturesque Goðafoss
  • The green landscapes of Lake Mývatn
  • The powerful waterfall Dettifoss 
  • The unearthly Ásbyrgi canyon
  • The whale watching capital Húsavík 


Before finding yourself back in Reykjavik, you should take the time to visit  ‘Iceland in Miniature,’ otherwise known as Snaefellsnes. The peninsula has a taste of everything concerning Iceland.  

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