Iceland in March: A Grand Adventure

Every world explorer needs to travel to Iceland in March at some point. 

The weather in Iceland in March has begun to settle, but the natural phenomena that make this land famous are still accessible. As winter begins to release its hold, the sun will continually stretch across the day for a month at a time. 

Iceland in March is a special time for the country. There is a lull in the travel industry as Christmas has already passed, and the summer activities haven’t gone into full swing. 

To help pass the time, the locals have established several traditions that make traveling to Iceland in March an excellent idea.

Join us as we detail the fun and excitement you can have if you visit Iceland in March.

Visiting Iceland in March: Know Before You Go 

March is still considered one of the winter months in Iceland. However, by the end of it, you can see the snow begin to melt as the long nights give way to longer days. 

While this may be a transitory month, you won’t have to search hard to discover what to do in Iceland in March.

Ice caves, horseback riding, skiing, and hunting down the Northern Lights in Iceland in March are still on the menu. 

Weather in Iceland in March

The weather during March usually hangs around 32°F (or 0°C), marked by some precipitation. 

While the weather can fluctuate, you won’t experience any dramatic changes unless your expedition takes you to the more northern parts of the island. The farther north you find yourself, the more likely the monthly showers will turn to snowfall. 

Driving in Iceland in March

With the snow melting throughout the month and the temperature consistently around freezing, drivers need to be cautious as ice patches can form. 

While driving in Iceland in March isn’t exceptionally treacherous, even experienced drivers will need to keep their eyes on the changing conditions. 

If you plan on traveling along the roads of Iceland in March, there are some tips that can help you get the most out of your journey. 

  • Opt for a 4×4 car, truck, or camper van
  • Keep a list of all emergency contact information in case of a breakdown
  • Ensure your tank of gas is adequately supplied to get you to your destination. There are stretches of roadway that don’t have easy access to a gas station
  • Bring along some emergency cash in case the gas station doesn’t accept credit or debit cards


Benefits of Visiting Iceland in March

One of the primary reasons many people choose to visit Iceland in March is due to the fact that this is a slow season for the country. 

As opposed to peak seasons such as Christmas and summer, a trip to Iceland in March is significantly more budget-friendly. 

The prices of flights and accommodation will be more manageable, and the summer prices for tours and activities won’t be inflated as they are in the peak seasons.

Things to Do in Iceland in March

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Reykjavik in March or you want to explore the whole country, there are a whole host of activities awaiting you. 

Go on a Road Trip

March opens up the entirety of Iceland to you. You won’t have the crowds along the southern coasts to contend with as you would in mid-summer, and the vast Ring Road extends an open invitation to travelers. 

Ski to Your Heart’s Content

Ski-lovers rejoice as you can get another month of slopes under your belts. Beautiful, powdery snow is a welcome sight if you make your way up to Akureyri.

Explore Reykjavik

Reykjavik in March is a sight to behold as you walk around the colorful cityscape. Full of rich history nestled among quaint cafes, Reykjavik is best explored on foot. 

Gaze upon the Northern Lights

Iceland in March offers one of the last opportunities of the quickly ending winter to see the brilliance of the Northern Lights. Take time to check the weather report so you can prepare for the evening. 

Enjoy a Whale Watching Tour

March provides the best chances to see various types of whales as they return to the Icelandic seas. Tours can be found in Reykjavik harbor, and in less than an hour, you might be able to spot your first whale. 

Events and Festivals in March 

To fill the space between the peak tourist season, the locals have put together several events and festivals to reignite the season.

The Food and Fun Festival in Reykjavik

The Food and Fun Festival is an annual event in Reykjavík during the first weekend in March. As you can expect, there is plenty of food to be had as Reykjavík’s best restaurants gather to showcase their culinary delights. 

Toast to Beer Day

Beer Day, or Bjordagur, is held on the 1st of March and commemorates the end of a 74-year prohibition era. A cold beer in Iceland in March may seem like overkill, but when in Iceland, do as the Icelanders do. 

Icelandic Music Experiment

Iceland’s answer to the Battle of the Bands is the Icelandic Music Experiment. It’s a competition for young musicians to present their artistry of sound. One of the most notable winners includes the successful Of Monsters and Men.

Traveling to Iceland in March: FAQS

Can I see the Northern Lights during March? 

Iceland in March presents one of the final opportunities for you to experience the Northern Lights during its annual visibility period. 

Can I book whale watching tours available in March?

Iceland in March is one of the best times to catch sight of these wondrous aquatic mammals. While Reykjavík offers tours and a chance to see a whale, the best opportunities are found further north in Húsavík.

What should I pack for a March in Iceland? 

When it comes to what to bring to Iceland in March, variety is key. While the weather is pretty consistent during this month, you’ll want to build an outfit based on layers. If you find yourself traveling to different spots or in and out of buildings, you’ll want to be able to dress up or down for the current conditions. 

For a quick list, your pack should include:

  • Thermal underwear
  • Warm socks, gloves, and a hat
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sweaters
  • Winter boots

What Now?

The best way to see Iceland in March is by traveling the Ring Road in your personal Iceland camper van. To help find the best 4×4 to get you to the natural wonders the island has to offer, contact today.

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