Fake news about Iceland

Myths in Iceland 2017

Read about the latest fake news concerning Iceland. May you order pine apple on your pizza? Will you get 5000USD if you marry an Icelandic woman?

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Iceland trivia

Iceland Trivia

What do you know about Iceland? Take the Iceland trivia and find out! iceland quiz

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Worst tourist traps in Iceland

Tourist traps in Iceland

Find out what the tourist traps in Iceland are, how to avoid them and save money on water, wool sweaters and more on your camper van trip in Iceland!

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Where can I camp in Iceland

Changed camper laws

Camping law in Iceland, camper van, may I camp in the wild in Iceland, wohocamper, responsible camping

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Hot springs in Iceland

Hot springs in Iceland

Hot springs in Iceland has always been a big attraction. Read all about Grjótagjá, Snorralaug, Reykjadalur and many more hot pots. Incl. GPS coordinates and information.

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Camping in National parks in Iceland

National parks in Iceland

Your travel guide to National parks in Iceland. Find out where to camp your camper rental, complete with GPS coordinates, maps and campsite information.

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Northern lights in Iceland

Northern lights in Iceland

Everything you need to know about the Northern lights aka Aurora Borealis. Where to see them, when to see them, how they work and how to photograph them.

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Snæfellsnes travel and camping guide

Snæfellsnes travel and camping guide

Your Snæfellsnes travel guide. Where to find places like Eldborg crater, Hellnar, Vatnshellir cave and where you can camp in your camper van.

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Fun facts about Iceland

Weird facts about Iceland

All the weird facts about Iceland you have been wandering about. Read about quirky facts like incest app, daylight savings, tipping and artificially heated ocean beach.

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Renting a 4x4 camper in Iceland

Driving the highlands in Iceland

Try camping in the highlands in Iceland in a 4x4 camper van rental. Drive F-roads, go beyond the Ring road and discover Iceland, away from all the crowds.

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4x4 camper hire Iceland

4x4 Camper van rental

We listened to and now it‘s here. An automatic 4x4 Camper van. The only camper suitable to explore the highlands in Iceland and even F-roads. Bed for 5 adults, seats for 5.

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Music videos recorded in Iceland

Music videos shot in Iceland

Here you can find many of the music videos that has been filmed in Iceland. In locations like black sand beaches, Jökulsárlón and by many of our waterfalls.

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Driving the Golden Circle

The Golden circle

The Golden Circle is Iceland‘s most popular selfdrive tour. Here is all you need to know about it and where you can camp in your camper along the trip.

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The Icelandic weather

The weather in Iceland

All about the weather in Iceland, how to prepare for it while camping in Iceland in a camper van, all year around. Embrace the diversity of the Icelandic weather.

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The Ring road aka Route nr:1 aka rad nr:1

The Ringroad

You want to drive and camp along the Ring road in Iceland? Here is everything you need to know about our „highway“, our only one. It‘s made for a camper van adventure.

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10 day Roadtrip around Iceland

An epic trip around Iceland in a Camper van. Join Ashley & friends in a 10 day adventure on the Ring road in October, a perfect month to camp in Iceland in a camper.

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Icelandic Black sand beaches

Black sand beaches

Black sand beaches are one of the more unique destinations we have in Iceland. With a camper van, you can drive around Iceland and visit them all and camp close to them.

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All year campsites in Iceland

Open all year Campsites in Iceland

Find the all year around Campingsites in Iceland for your Camper rental. An interactive map with information of facilities, locations and local attractions.

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September winner 2016 of CamperStories

Honeymoon in Iceland

The winner of the September 2016 CamperStories winner is a couple who truly enjoyed their camper van holiday in Iceland, and for a special reason!

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Waterfalls in Iceland

Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is full of waterfalls in all sizes and shapes. They can be found all over Iceland. Here is a list of the biggest, highest and most unique ones of the waterfalls of Iceland.

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Where to pick up your Camper van rental in Keflavík & Reykjavík

Camper van rental pickup

Here are instructions on how to find our Keflavík and Reykjavík office. You will also find information about hotel pickups and drop offs.

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Petrol stations in Iceland

Gas stations in Iceland

All you need to know about gas stations in Iceland, how you pay for your fuel and where to find all petrol stations in Iceland.

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Camper lavatory disposal sites in Iceland

Motorhome lavatory disposal

Find a camper lavatory disposal site close to you so you can empty the toilet tank of your rental motor home & continue your adventure in Iceland.

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Join the Tradesmen's weekend in Iceland. Some call it the bank holiday.

The biggest camping weekend in Iceland

Some call it Bank holiday, some call it the Tradesmen's weekend. We call it the craziest camping weekend in Iceland. Be ready of what's ahead and take part of the fun.

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Learn how to drive on Icelandic roads

How to drive in Iceland

How to drive safely on the roads in Iceland. Watch the new video from our friends at SafeTravel.

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How to order a camper or motorhome in Iceland

How to order a Camper

Find out how exactly you order a Camper van here in Iceland. We]ll take you through the whole process.

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Iceland vs England

Iceland at Euro2016

Iceland are playing England today in Euro2016. Preferably watch it with Icelanders today or use the free WiFi onboard your Camper rental! Good times ahead!

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Find festivals in Iceland

Festivals in Iceland

Don't miss any of the great festivals you might be close by while driving around Iceland in your rental Camper.

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Camper rental in Iceland. Photo credit: Adam Thor Murtomaa

Popular destinations in Iceland

Try to avoid the crowded tourist destinations in Iceland. Visit those places when the buses are not there. Use the freedom that comes with the camper you have rented.

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Ten don't do in Iceland

Ten don't do in Iceland

"When in Rome..." applies in Iceland too, well, almost always. Here are ten don't do in Iceland!

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Our Camper van hire here in Iceland!

Our Camper Van rental

Our Renault Master is our biggest rental camper van with room & seatbelts for up to 5 people. Included is free WiFi & unlimited mileage!

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Our Camper is the choice when traveling around Iceland with three people.

Our Camper rental

Check out our Camper rental. The perfect camper for three for your holiday in Iceland. Free Wifi & unlimited milegae!

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Check out our mini camper rental here inIceland

Our Mini Camper rental

Check out our MiniCamper. rental. The perfect choice for camping in Iceland for two. Free WiFi & unlimited mileage.

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Top ten swimming pools in Iceland

Top 10 swimming pools in Iceland

Find the top ten swimming pools all around Iceland and camping sites close to them while driving around Iceland in your rented motor home.

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Find all the ferries in Iceland here!

Ferries in Iceland

Read about all the ferries in Iceland, where to board them, where they go and how long the sail is.

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How to camp in Iceland in a camper

Responsible camping in Iceland

How to behave while camping in a camper in Iceland. Rules & regulations. Common etiquette!

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A list of the best camping sites in Iceland

Top 10 camping sites in Iceland

Where are the best camping sites in Iceland? We picked a list of the top ten of our choosing.

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Iceland apps for your travels around Iceland

Travel apps for Iceland

Iceland has a choice of apps designed to serve & help tourists. You can get road, road sign, emergency, tourist information & weather apps, to name a few!

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Where are all the famous movies shot in Iceland and the campsites close to them

Camp like a boss

Wouldn't you like to camp where all those famous Hollywood movies was shot in Iceland? Here is a list of them and the camping sites close to t hem.

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Accidents in Iceland involving tourists

Be safe in Iceland

Tourist related accident in Iceland is on the rise. Read all about how to avoid putting a damper onyour vacation in Iceland.

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No whale hunting in Iceland the summer of 2016

Only whale watching in Iceland, no whale hunting

The paradox of whale watching & whale hunting will not be a problem in Iceland this summer for there will be no whale hunting by the company Hvalur hf.

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Want to fish in Iceland? Here is how you can get your fishing license!

Fishing in Iceland

Want to fish in Iceland while you are camping all around Iceland? You can. Get a fishing license that covers 35 lakes all around Iceland.

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Win a full refund (7 days max) of your Camper van rental.

Win a free Camper van rental

Write a travel blog about your adventure in Iceland & you might win a full refund (7d max) of your camper van rental fees.

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Find out all about camping in Iceland and traveling in a camper van around Iceland

Where to camp in Iceland

Get ideas for your camping trip in Iceland. Know where to go in your rented Camper van. Find your dream campsite in Iceland.

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Packing for a camping trip in Iceland during the summer season.

Packlist for Camping in Iceland

What to pack for a camping trip in a Camper van in Iceland. There are some items you mustn't forget. Here is a list of a few things.

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Camping around Iceland in a Mini Camper.

Camping in Iceland

You can't get closer to the Icelandic nature than when you are camping. Traveling around Iceland in a camper van makes the trip so much comfortable, your home away from home. Always protecte...

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What to pack when you are coming to Iceland to camp during winter. Here is a list of a few necessities.

What to pack for winter camping in Iceland

When winter camping in Iceland, there are a few items you should bring. We have compiled a list with a few items to have in mind.

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Can you use a camper van during winter in Iceland? Absolutely. Our campers are equipped with a very effective heater keeping you nice and warm all night long.

Wintercamping in Iceland

The Do's and Don'ts of wintercamping in Iceland. Your camper van will keep you nice and warm but there are a few things to have in mind so you can have a great wintercamping trip for there a...

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Here is a full list of what is included in your camper van rental.

What‘s included in the Camper van rental?

When you rent a camper with us, you get free WiFi, unlimited mileage & CDW insurance, camping equipment, sleeping bags, pillows, linen and kitchen utensils including pots, pans, griddle + ga...

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