– The last CamperStories winner –

Wow. Hard to believe we are already here, the announcement of our very last CamperStories competition winner. This requires respect for all of you out there who gave us so much of your time, your inspiration and your love for Iceland. This competition has given so much for the readers as well in the form of great writing, sometimes very funny writings, stunning photos and not to forget so many lovely travel videos too.

The very first CamperStories was published on the 28th of June, 2016. It was a story called “Katelyn’s Iceland adventure” and that story set the tone for all the other stories to come. Before announcing the last winner, lets share some interesting statistics. From the the very beginning, we have received and/or witnessed:

  • 369 full CamperStories (maybe 30 of the stories sent to us didn’t fulfill the criteria & couldn’t be published. Everyone was given chances rectify the problem.)
  • The last CamperStories winner7260 pictures, many of them, really high end Iceland pictures.
  • 159 travel videos. Many of them have been edited in a professional manner.
  • 14 Engagements took place that we know of.
  • 13 couples spent their honeymoon here in Iceland.
  • 1 marriage took place.
  • 16 Interactive maps were made
  • 26 pieces of artwork premiered.
  • 1 song was written for the competition. It’s called “The Iceland song“, written and performed by Sarah Peacock.
  • 74 Underwater pictures/videos, all shot in Silfra while diving/snorkeling.
  • 18 Drone video/pictures.
  • 26 Black & white pictures.
  • 48 names was given to our camper vans.
  • 11 Solo trips were done.

Just for fun we decided to put together the LONGEST camping video in the world by combining all your lovely video entries. Combined, the video is 6 hours & 29 minutes. We don’t even bother to add the seconds! 🙂 So thank you all so much for your videos too. Here they are, in no particular order. Can you find yours? If so, let us know in the YouTube comments at what time your video(s) start.

So who gets the honor of being crowned the last ever CamperStories, the winner of the 2018 September competition?  Which story stood out from the rest of the September entries? It’s our honor to present the last winner, the very last one who will, technically, get a free camper van (up to seven days) and can proudly say “I won the last competition”. Without further delay, with a unanimous decision, the winner isssss…..





Thomas and his story:

Engagement vacation

Ice drifting into the ocean Inside the volcano

A very big congratulation to the two of you and also congratulations of being the very last winners of our competition and a last congratulations to your engagement.  The jury all agreed that “There is something with the story” that captivated us all. So again, Congratulations again and all the best for the future.

And that concludes the fantastic competition we like to call CamperStories. A competition we heard inspired many adventures and gave courage to many to explore things off the beaten path, off the Ring road. With time we also saw a growing concern and a growing care for the nature in Iceland. It is of course a sign of the times but a few of our CamperStories entries were directly under the influence of the drive coming from the the Icelandic tourist board called The Icelandic pledge where tourist are inspired to be responsible tourists. The CamperStories competitors who produced proof of taking the pledge got to flag the pledge emblem on their cover picture on their story:

Iceland’s Ring Road in September

While this competition is over, keep on following us here and on our Facebook account Camper vans Iceland for we will keep on writing great travel guides, share important information and who know what the future will bring, maybe we’ll have another idea of a great competition for all of you.

Thank you all for your contributions. With these words, we declare the CamperStories competition have officially ended.


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Happy Camping!  #CamperStories

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