Winner CamperStories August 2018

So with July behind us, we only have 2 more CamperStories winners left to announce. First up is August, a month packed with great travel stories from all over the world really. Such a pleasure to read how people perceive Iceland. The common denominator is awe! Being in awe of everything people see, experience, feel and discover (fermented shark nor pickled ram’s balls are not in this category) here in Iceland while exploring the countryside in a camper van.

So what criteria was used this month to pick a winner? Well, as usual, there never were any. It’s all about individual taste of the judges. Often winners have created a “full” story with great writing, pictures, maps and what not, like last month’s winner. The more of those things have been included, the bigger the chance to win it seems but again, there are no guidelines above the 1000 words and 5 pics/videos at a minimum.

So let’s not waste your and our time. Let us introduce the 2018 August CamperStories winner…….. silence ……….and the winner iiiiiiiss…….

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

Chrissy & Rob with their two stories (Anyone could send in as many stories as they wanted but only one refund and only compete in one month):

Iceland on your own

Enjoying the Icelandic night

Which is more of a “regular” CamperStories but very eloquent with beautiful pictures and the second one:

Iceland beckons

Tractors in Iceland

Which is more of a photographic journey with some incredible shots but also such lovely writing. So a BIG congratulations to the happy couple. Really excellent job with both entries. We hope your future will continue to take you to such stunning places as Iceland is.

And with that, we have presented the second last CamperStories winner ever! 🙁 Before October is over, we will announce who is the absolute last CamperStories winner is. Until then, drive safely!


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