The Icelandic pledge

As you all know, Iceland is experiencing a big wave of tourism which, of course, we all love but with the influx of more tourism, we also have a wave of people not following Icelandic camping laws, not doing their best to protect the delicate nature here in Iceland. Almost daily we read and see pictures of people camping wherever they want to, “writing” crazy stuff in the moss as can be seen in the pics below and just not behaving like everybody else.

Vandalism in Iceland

It took 10 people and three days to repair these damages which is of course totally unacceptable. Damages like this can take decades to repair naturally. There are too many incidences like this to just let go.

“Inspired by Iceland” has come up with a new initiative to encourage people to make the right choices, to inspire responsible camping and behavior while on vacation in Iceland. It’s simply called The Icelandic Pledge.  Here you have the pledges in English, German, French and Chinese.

The Icelandic Pledge in English  The Icelandic pledge in German - Das isländische Versprechen  The Icelandic Pledge in French - L'engagement islandais  The Icelandic Pledge in Chinese - 冰岛承诺

It’s very easy, take the pledge, stand by your pledge and send me your CamperStories and a screenshot of your pledge confirmation and I’ll add the pledge badge to your cover pic to show that you are a responsible tourist and you care. Like this fake cover below. Show your badge proudly:

CamperStories with The Icelandic Pledge badge

Take part of this movement. Save the beautiful yet sensitive nature here in Iceland and inspire others to do the same. Long after you are gone, others will come and you want them to have an equally wonderful experience as you. Not only will you do good by taking part yourself and encouraging others, you also have a chance to win a trip to Iceland through “Inspired by Iceland” but that competition is only for those who has taken the pledge!  🙂

In addition to our all year around camping guide, the guys at “Inspired” also created a page of 200 campsites and with some 20 winter campsites you can choose from. You can find that page here! Everything to help you have your Bucket list holiday here in Iceland.

Take your pledge!   #IcelandicPledge (use this hashtag in your social media posts)

The Pledge in Iceland

Safe travels!  #WohoCamper review Rent is on Google

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