Winner CamperStories May 2017

It’s that time of the month. The time to choose the best CamperStories for May 2017. As usually we are so humbled by all the work and ambition you guys put into your posts to the the enjoyment for all our readers. Blogs full of ideas, travel information, wonderful pictures, interactive maps, videos, gifs and a travel spirit that inspires others. It’s also a delight to read about how Camper van newbies react and come to love road trips in a camper after driving the Ring road, something many hadn’t even thought of before making the decision to commit to a trip to the land of fire and ice.

Enough of the small talk. So who was chosen as a winner for May? There was a little bit of discussion but soon came to an agreement. It is our honor to announce that the winner is…




….drum roll….




….drum roll….




….drum roll….



And the winner is Ella & Michael with their wonderful story “Ella & Mr Adventure” Wooohooooo!!!!


CamperStories May 2017 winner


Congratulations to the pair of you. We thought the story was funny and charming decorated with a few wonderful shots. We will send you your full refund (up to 7 days) so now you can come back once more to Iceland!

CamperStories April winner 2017Thanks again to all of you who put your time to write a CamperStories and we so look forward to what’s coming. We had wonderful drawings, funny videos, a song written for the competition, photos with renaissance paintings photo shopped into them, interactive maps, a music video made for the competition, gifs done for the stories. What will we see next? The anticipation is killing us!

So please, keep on sending us your great stuff. Maybe you will be the winner for a full refund next time? At the very least, your published story gets a 100E refund and you will have fun creating it. We promise!

Before embarking on your bucket list trip, why not take the Icelandic Pledge and send us confirmation (a screen shot) of your participation and we’ll add the logo and the hashtag #IcelandicPledge (the official hashtag for the project) to your blog. The pledge is to inspire responsible tourism.


The Icelandic Pledge


PS: If you send us a video (do not upload it to YouTube), if you add music, make sure you do not use copyright music for then we need to throw in new music in the video. The same goes with the blog. You may not send us a link for a story you have already posted yourself. And last, May month had 2 entries that couldn’t be published because the stories were way under the thousand words as required. We wrote back to both parties and asked for more but didn’t receive an answer.


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Happy Camping!  #CamperStories  #IcelandicPledge review

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