The Journey of a Hot Spring Enthusiast

I recently spent 8 days traveling throughout Iceland in a camper van. The best part of this trip was the flexibility to go where ever, whenever because of the nomadic nature of the camper van. While I was making my way around the Ring Road I found myself constantly reading though blogs to find the best hot spring spots. So, to spare my fellow camper van travelers and hot spring enthusiasts the search, I put together a list of the hot springs I went to (with their GPS coordinates).

Secret Lagoon – This hot spring was about 2500 ISK (or 25 USD) per person. The price tag was much more reasonable in comparison to the infamous Blue Lagoon. Here, we found minimal crowds, clean showers and a very large hot spring to visit. This was a natural hot spring, with a rocky floor and a relaxing atmosphere. We came here after visiting Gullfoss waterfall.

GPS coordinates: 64.1378° N, 20.3099° W

The lovely Secret Lagoon

Hoffell Hot Pots – This hot pot was 1000 ISK (10 USD) per person. This one had Jacuzzi-like tubs that were filled with water from a nearby hot spring. Here there were only about 5 other people, so it is a great place to avoid the crowds.

GPS coordinates: 64°23’49.5″N 15°20’26.9″W

Hoffell Hot Pots

Oskakarið Hot Pots – This hot pot was in Húsavik, so if you are planning on going whale watching this is a must-do stop! The price was 300 ISK (3 USD), which is VERY reasonable. Here you will find another Jacuzzi-like tub filled with water from a near by spring. From the tubs you will have views of the country side and the beautiful coast of Iceland. If you’re lucky you might see a humpback whale taking a breath in the distance!

GPS coordinates: N66º03.324 W17º21.079

Oskakarið Hot Pots

Fosslaug Hot Spring – This one was a little trickier to find, but it’s FREE! Follow the GPS coordinates until you reach a farm. You can park there by the fences and walk through the gate. If you continue to follow the GPS on foot, you will begin to see signs for the hot spring. This was a very secluded location with few people. The hot spring is made of rocks with a mud floor and is right next to a river.

GPS coordinates: 65°29’44.6″N 19°22’55.6″W

Fosslaug Hot Spring

Landbrotalaug Hot Spring – This was another small, secluded and free hot spring. It is VERY small and only fits 2 people at a time comfortably, but is absolutely stunning. It is surrounded by mountains and a river. If you are in the area, this hot spring is a must do!

GPS coordinates: N64°49.933 W22°19.110

Landbrotalaug Hot Spring

Reykjadalur Valley – This is a popular site with tourists, but is large enough that it did not feel crowded. There is a bit of a hike to this one, but is worth it to reach the hot spring river. It is about a 1.5 kilometer hike uphill to get to, but is well worth it. Not far from Reykjavik, this free hot spring river is a beautiful way to spend the day!

GPS coordinates: N64° 1′ 22.985″ W21° 12′ 43.779″

Reykjadalur Valley

There are SO many more hot springs to visit when in Iceland, but these are the ones that I enjoyed and would definitely recommend to anyone who is in Iceland and who is of course, a hot spring enthusiast!


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