Day 1: Rekjavik – Seljalandsfoss – Skógafoss

Today I met my new family, Jess and Val – two lovely girls from Switzerland. They were so hungry after picking me up, that we first had lunch together.
Camper vans talkingFull and happy went to Bónus to buy food for the next days. Then we started our adventure and I tell you it was incredible. First of all we went to Seljalandsfoss (a really high waterfall with plenty of water). To see the waterfall up close you absolutely need rain clothing. While Jess and Val took pictures of the waterfall and did some selfies (typical girls!), I had a deep conversation with my brother Tom. He was also on tour with his friends.
I was a little tired so we decided to sleep at the Skógafoss camping ground. It is a nice place near the waterfall. We had dinner, watched a movie (thanks I am a wifi-car) and Jess read me a book.
I had so much fun with the girls.
Doing Iceland with friends Grocery shopping in Iceland
Parking by Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls along the Ring road
Road trip in Iceland Campsite Skógafoss Camping the Icelandic way

Climbing on top of SkógafossDay 2: Skógafoss – Skaftafell-Nationalpark – Höfn

We had breakfast together, then the girls climbed the large stairway to see the Skógafoss from above. I waved at them – proud of my girls.
The Ring road to SkaftafellI drove them to the Skaftafell national park. They went to see the Icelandic nature attractions and I could take a break. They came back after 4 hours – I didn’t ask but the girls were exhausted and wet. They told me first they went to the Svartifoss and decided to go further to the viewpoint Sjónarsker. Up there you can see a glacier. Usually you have a magnificent view, unfortunately it was really foggy. The return path was pretty dangerous because of the weather. It was wet and slippery.
To cheer them up I showed them the ice lagoon Jökulsárlón. I know they would love it! I knew it! 🙂 It was overwhelming. We just watched the ice for about 30 minutes. It is hard to put words on it. It’s like magic. I felt very peaceful looking at this lagoon.
There were two guys who went to swim in the water. Tough boys! It is really cold in there! But I am sure this was an unforgettable experience.
We continued and decided to sleep at the Höfn camping ground. After this rainy day I was really happy, that my girls could have a hot shower and ate inside. And I gave them warm over night.
Jökulsárlón Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

Day 3: Höfn – Dettifoss – Selfoss – Bjarg

Today the girls decided to do a longer drive. We stopped somewhere at a viewpoint near the beach to take some pictures. Sadly the weather wasn’t that great. To reach our next destination we took route 1 and had a tough drive between Breiðdalsvík and Egilsstaðir but we saw a georgeous landscape everyone should have seen. It was definitely worth it.
We did the next long stop to see Dettifoss and Selfoss. It is just a really short walk and you find these two incredible waterfalls. Do not miss this amazing landscape – small stones, big stones, stones everywhere.
We decided to sleep near the next destination (the hot springs) and found a pretty campsite. The view from Bjarg (campingground) was beautiful, we saw over the whole lake and the idyllic area around it.
Dettifoss waterfall Bjarg campsite

Day 4: Bjarg – Námafjall – Goðafoss – Stykkishólmur – Kirkjufell – Hellissandur

After breakfast we startet the day with hot springs (Námafjall). Jess didn’t like the smell but the colours are amazing and this scenery is breathtaking! In this region are a lot of hot springs, it’s really easy to find them just follow the steam.
Unfortunately we didn’t have much time so we had to leave out the volcano Katla. I am sure the girls would have liked it.
Mývatn nature baths
  Cracks in the lava Mývatn nature baths Grjótagjá, the hot spring seen in Games of Thrones
Goðafoss - The waterfalls of the godsKirkjufellAfter the hot springs we drove to the Grjótagjá caves, they told me that they went inside the caves and there was blue hot water and that was an unforgettable experience. Next stop was the Goðafoss waterfall, a huge waterfall and you will see it from far away.
Next stop was Stykkishólmur where we could enjoy a wonderful view over the city and the sea.
Then we went to Kirkjuflell with its series of waterfalls Kirkjufellsfoss. We saw a green mountain but we heard in winter it is orange.
Our campingground this time was Hellissandur, it is near the see and between the rocks.
The Lighthouse above Stykkishólmur

Day 5: Hellissandur – Þingvellir – Kerið – Great Geysir – Gullfoss

Happy campersWe started our Golden Circle Tour in Þingvellir. It is the place where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. There is the Öxará waterfall, the Peningagjá (Money Gorge), the Lake Þingvallavatn and more. The view from the top is stunning.
After that we stopped to see the crater Kerið. The girls paid for entry for the first time (The price is 400 ISK per person). I could wait on the parking for free. The girls have never seen a crater before. It was very impressive for them and definitely recommended!
Kerið Crater
StrokkurThe journey continues with Geysir hot spring area. It is a geothermal field with exploding geysers which spouts water into the air every few minutes.
Then we wanted to see the Gullfoss waterfall. It is also a part of the Golden Circle tour an located on the river Hvítá. We had a spectacular view of another nature wonder in Iceland.
After this long day we slept at Skjòl campgrounds. I saw many of my brothers and sisters there. There is a restaurant/bar on the campground. Very nice place.

Day 6: Skjòl – Reykjadalur – Keflavík

Today is our last day and we wanted to spent it at the hot river. I drove them to Reykjadalur and stayed at the parking. To the river you defenitly have to take your swimwear and drinkingwater. It is a longer walk around 1,5 hours and sometimes pretty steep but it is absolutely worth it! There are many hot water spots on your way up, you can take many pictures. The river is around 38°C and really comfortable.
Time to say goodbye. It was a exciting week and we had an enjoyable time. Thank you Iceland!
Happy Camping!  #CamperStories

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