10 days around Iceland – a beautiful trip

How it began!!!

We, two good friends from the very south of Germany, decided to spend two weeks of holidays together. But the first problem arises, where should we got this year. So we had a small brainstorming and after a couple of hours Iceland was the decided country. The reason was the beautiful nature, the big amount of sights around the island on the road number one and the Northern lights, which we have never seen before.

The second decision we had to make was about the vehicle. “Is it better to go by small car and sleep in guest houses and hostels or just rent a camper van”. This was actually the hardest one during our planning. We nearly discussed for like two weeks, because there are so many good advantages for both options.

As we never traveled with a caravan or anything like that, we finally agreed on the more adventurous way to travel – and after a couple of days traveling, we realized that it was absolutely the correct decision. It really doesn’t matter which place you want to sleep, as long as you keep it clean and of course take care of the nature.


After some very long months of waiting, the trip finally started at the Munich airport. After around 4 hours in the plane we saw the coast of Iceland – amazing!! As the plane touched the ground the holiday feeling was there ?

1. Day – Camping in Þingvellir

We started our journey around the island at the Keflavik airport and also got our CAMPER close to the terminal building, not even 5 minutes to walk. Everything was as expected – a clean and comfortable camper with everything for beautiful vacations. Specially an auxiliary heating system was there! On the homepage we only saw “suitable for winter” but we didn’t know what exactly that means.

So our trip could start. After a couples of kilometers we did the first stop in the Bónus Supermarket, which you can find in every bigger village and which should be one of the cheapest in Iceland. We bought food and drinks for the first few days. After our shopping tour it was already dark outside, therefore we stayed the first night close to the lake of Þingvallavatn. Our first meal was also incredible ?

Winter camping in Þingvellir

2. Day – The Golden Circle

In the morning after the sun rise we noticed the beautiful nature around the lake, perfect for a short walk and some first nice impressions of Island. After it we decided to drive to the big Geysir. A wonderful and spectacular natural event which is definitely a must see in Iceland.

Between two eruptions there are around 5-10 minutes to install the camera and get ready for some nice photos – but the first 4 to 5 times we had been so overwhelmed that we missed or blurred every pic. Finally, we got some ?

Geysir in high winter

After that we wanted to go to one of the warm hot pots which are everywhere around Iceland – the best way to find them is the page “Hot Springs in Iceland“. After some discussions we went to a place near the well-known volcano Eyjafjallajökull. On the way we passed the massive Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

Seljalandsfoss in December

Arrived at the hot pot we noticed that it is more a cold pot ? but never mind we jumped in for some minutes.

3. Day – Camping in Vik

After a day of nature our next plan was to go to Vik which is a small and cozy place. Like every other city (besides Reykjavik) it is more like a little village but perfect to have some of the good and cheap ? Icelandic beers. Over there we also saw the first beautiful sunset which takes way more time than in other countries. Meanwhile there was the rising of the very bright moon exactly on the other side.

Camping in Vik

Moon over Reynisdrangar

4. Day – Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon

That day we planned to visit some special natural must sees in Iceland.  First we went to the Eldhraun lava field which is totally covered in pillowy moss. There are some good marked paths through the beautiful black lava stones covered by bright green grass and moss.

Eldhraun Lava field

The second spot for this day was the enormous Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon. A really nice pathway which leads us up the massive cliffs. The weather was again very good so we could enjoy this special place with the glittering water down in the canyon.

Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon

5. Day – Jökulsárlón

A very nice day started with a delicious breakfast and afterwards a great day in one of the amazing warm hot pots. We totally recommend to drive to as many of these mostly warm pots as you can. Relaxing there for a couple of hours is totally worth the mostly cheap entrance fee.

On the way to our next destination we stopped again a couple of times. Along the main road number one are sooo many breath-taking places to enjoy the loneliness of Iceland. ?

Camper life in Iceland

After we headed up a few kilometers to the famous Jökulsárlón. It is exactly like you know it from several photos. The game of the glittering sun, the freshly fallen ice sheets and the black rocks is totally amazing – a highlight of our trip.

Jökulsárlón in December

6. Day – Camping in snow

It started snowing over the night (for the first time) but with the well working auxiliary heating system the night was warm and comfortable as it used to be. Also during lower degrees about -13°C it was not a problem to have a nicely heated camper.

We arrived in the north-east of the island with its big fjords and one of the most beautiful cost roads we ever saw. But due to the cold and windy weather near the cost we decided to go back to the the ring road which is some kilometers in the inland – again the right decision ?

Icelandic Winter Camping Camping in snow in Iceland

7. Day – Northern Lights

Finally it happened – we saw the northern lights. During our stay in the best hot pot Laugaland the gorgeous green and white stripes appeared over our heads in the sky. Definitely one of our best days in Iceland!

December Northern lights

8. Day – Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Of course every morning has to start with a powerful breakfast made of Bacon and Eggs in our camper van. We stayed in the north-west part of Iceland in the Snæfellsjökull national park.

Winter camping on Snæfellsnes

A must do is to walk from Arnarstapi to Hellnar. You will pass natural stone bridges along the huge cliffs.

Arnarstapi Snæfellsnes

According to the internet in this area is also one of the most photographed place of Iceland. So we tried to take some pictures of the Kirkjufell Mountain with its nice waterfall in front as well.

Kirkjufell Mountain

In Bjarnarhöfn is a famous shark museum where you can try the famous rotten shark – but we will spare you these pictures ?

9. Day – Reykjavik

We arrived in Reykjavik where we spend our last day visiting the beautiful city center. There are several things to visit. For example the concert house called Harpa or the famous sculpture Sun Voyager.

Its always good to go to one of the several tourist information centers, which you can find all over Iceland. You will always meet some nice and friendly employees who will tell you a lot of interesting facts about Iceland and help you with everything.

Reykjavik is also perfect to go out have a nice meal and some delicious beers which are again very cheap ? but never mind we are on holiday and it is nearly our last day.

Winter in Reykjavik

10. Day – Leaving Iceland

Unfortunately, our last day had arrived. The day when we had to return our friend “Campervan” which guided us without any problems 2.300 km through one of the most beautiful countries we’ve ever visited. We made our last cooking action close to a very small lake near Reykjavik.

Winter Holiday Iceland

Iceland, we will visit you again!!!

Lukas & Dominik


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