Myvatn Iceland: Why You Need to Visit

While traveling around Akureyri, Myvatn should definitely be on your list of attractions. This beautiful lake resides on the country’s northern side and enchants visitors with its seductively blue hue.  The Myvatn area is adorned with craters and alien-looking lava fissures, creating a unique landscape that you’ll be enticed to explore. 


The distance from Akureyri to Myvatn is about an hour’s journey by motor vehicle, but it’s a natural phenomenon that is well worth the fuel.  If wanderlust and adventure have taken hold of you, then you might even consider camping in Myvatn, Iceland.


To ensure a memorable expedition, continue reading as we detail the sights of the Lake Myvatn geothermal area.

What is Lake Myvatn Iceland?

Birthed from the eruption of volcanoes, Myvatn is a shallow, blue-tinged lake relatively near the Krafla volcano. As a highly-protected natural reserve, you can find a vast amount of natural biological activity in the surrounding area. While it was formed from basaltic volcanic activity around 2300 years ago, Myvatn, Iceland, is inundated by wetlands. The wetlands create the perfect environment for ducks and other fowl, adding to the charm of this Iceland lake


This wondrous scene is juxtaposed by the sight of pseudocraters and lava pillars, making this a photographer’s dream location. 

How to Pronounce Myvatn

The name Myvatn (pronunciation Mee-vat-n) is a portmanteau of the Icelandic words for midge and lake. While Iceland has a reputation as being free from insects, there is an Icelandic bug called a midge that lends its name to the lake. 

Where is Lake Myvatn Located? 

Myvatn, Iceland is found on the Northern half of the island. Many of the tourists that find their way to this marvel do so via the Diamond Circle tour. So, if you’re traveling around the country in your campervan, visiting Goðafoss waterfall, Dettifoss waterfall, Namafjall hot springs, and Asbyrgi canyon, carve out a day to survey Myvatn, Iceland.


It’s difficult to miss the Lake Myvatn geothermal area, as it’s along Route 1 and near the Krafla volcano. However, if you need directions, you can stop at the small village of Reykjahlíð. While it’s roughly an hour away from Akureyri, if you’re coming from Reykjavík, you can expect to be on the road for half a day, as you make the 300-mile trip. 


Once you get there, you’ll realize it was well worth the trip. This Iceland lake is the country’s fourth-largest, just inched out by Logurinn, Thingvallavatn, and Thorisvatn. Uncannily gorgeous, with an otherworldly blue hue, this 14 square mile (36 km²) lake, which only measures 15 feet (4 km) at its lowest depth, is a pristine example of wilderness at its peak. 

Best Things to Do at Lake Myvatn

While you’re in the Lake Myvatn geothermal area, be sure to take advantage of the fantastic things to see and do.


If you’re already driving along Route 1, make a stop at the glacial canyon of Ásbyrgi. Most likely carved out by flooding from the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river nearly 10,000 years ago, you can embark along the three and a half kilometer canyon. 


For those who fell in love with the scenery in Game of Thrones, you would be remiss to forego delving into the Dimmuborgir lava formations. Many scenes were shot here, capturing the unique rock formations forged by an old lava lake.

Camping and Wildlife

Adventurers traveling by an Iceland camper van rental or those willing to brave the wilds with just a tent might enjoy camping in Myvatn, Iceland. In the nearby area of Laxa, those inclined can test out their fishing skills and try to snag one of Iceland’s famous trout and salmon. 


Bird enthusiasts also flock to Myvatn, Iceland. This region houses more species of duck than any other place in the world. 

Hverfjall Crater

Hverfjall is a nearly 400-meter tall volcanic crater that serves as a prime hiking location. Make sure you’ve packed the proper boots, as you’ll need them to explore this 1 km in diameter crater.

Krafla Caldera

Situated atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the divergent boundary between the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate, the Krafla Caldera has been an extremely active volcanic hotspot. Of the 29 total recorded eruptions, nine of them happened in the 1970s and 80s.

Lofthellir Ice Cave

Discovered as far back as the 1980s, you now have a chance to investigate the largest natural ice cave in Iceland. Amidst the Búrfell lava field, you’ll be enchanted by the spectacle of this ice cave.

Myvatn Nature Baths

You can’t visit any location without stopping by its natural bath. This goes for Myvatn as well. Naturally heated and rich with minerals and supposed healing properties, this spa is open all year. 

See Myvatn, Iceland with

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