Visiting Iceland in Spring

   Spring is one of the best seasons for visiting Iceland. Although it’s a short season, it showcases all the magnificent nature wonders this Artic country has to offer. Although the winter and summer season are most popular, experiencing Iceland in spring is an unforgettable experience for many reasons.

The weather is much better compared to wintertime and the prices are more affordable than during summer days. During spring in Iceland, the snow is still there, but already melting and allowing you to see the true beauty of Iceland’s nature emerging underneath.

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When is spring in Iceland?

Although spring in the Northern Hemisphere technically lasts from March 20th until June 21st, Icelanders have their own way of deciding the first day of spring.

Traditionally, Icelanders have considered the first day of spring to be whichever day they spot the first seasonal bird called Golden Plover. The bird typically arrives in Iceland sometime in March. However, according to the Old Norse calendar, Icelanders celebrate the First Day of Summer on the first Thursday that comes after April 18th, which would make spring an extremely short season.

Since there is no precise answer to when spring in Iceland begins, it’s best to say springtime is when the weather gets warm, but not too sunny. If you want to experience Iceland spring, you should plan your trip around March and April. More hotels and museums are open, but there aren’t too many tourists so you can enjoy this beautiful country as you please.

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What is spring like in Iceland?

We all know Iceland is not a warm country. However, it’s not as cold as most people imagine either. This unique country benefits from the Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current that moderates and balances the temperatures, especially during springtime. But the Gulf Stream has another effect on the weather in Iceland – it makes it incredibly unpredictable. You can experience all four seasons during one single day in Iceland, so be prepared for surprises. This arctic country is well-known for its capricious weather.

If you wonder if there is snow in Iceland in spring, you’ll be happy to learn that this season offers the best of both worlds. It’s not uncommon to see snow in the mountains, but even if it snows in Iceland in spring, it doesn’t last long. A little bit of snow will make sure you fully experience Iceland, but the warm weather will allow you to explore all the natural wonders without much fuss.

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What can you do during spring in Iceland?

Its unique natural wonders are the highlights of Iceland, and spring allows you to experience everything that makes this country so magical. Here is a list of things to do in Iceland in spring:

  •         Bathe in hot springs: Icelandic natural hot springs are some of the most amazing places you will ever see. Spring is perfect for taking long, relaxing baths in gorgeous clear or milky thermal waters.
  •         Go on driving tours: Central roads in Iceland are closed until mid-summer, but the road conditions are far safer in springtime. You can use our Iceland camper rentals to go on an extended road trip around the country. All weather and road conditions are available on the Iceland road website, and you can ask locals for clear directions.
  •         Watch the Northern lights: It’s important to plan your trip carefully because you can’t see the Northern lights in April. They are only visible until the end of March.
  •         Go snorkeling between continental plates: If you visit Iceland in April, you shouldn’t miss the unique opportunity to snorkel in the Silfra Fissure. It is the only place on Earth where it’s possible to dive among giant continental plates.

Animal lovers will have many interesting things to do in Iceland in May, since this is the time when they can enjoy unique sights and activities. You can go whale-watching, seabird nesting, and horse-riding, and each experience will be unique and satisfying in a different way.

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Spring Iceland Travel Tips

If you visit Iceland in May, you will be happy to discover that you can enjoy most summer activities. Your best option is to join a tour or rent a vehicle and get out of the cities so you can experience the wonderful wilderness of Iceland in spring. However, you must be prepared. Above all, you must pack everything you may need during your stay in the country.


With the weather being so unpredictable in Iceland, you will have to be prepared for anything and pack layers of warm clothes. Sweaters, jackets, waterproof shells, thick socks, and strong, warm hiking boots are a must if you want to enjoy Iceland and it’s funky weather.


Tourists who decide to travel to Iceland in April should pack some party clothes because that’s when the music festivals begin.

Traveling to Iceland in spring can be amazing for many reasons. Besides lesser crowds and lower costs, during spring you can fully experience the natural beauty of this Arctic jewel. 

If you’ve decided to visit, contact us for more information or browse through or collection of rentals. We can help you plan your ideal road trip across Iceland!

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