Driving conditions in IcelandOur friends at SafeTravel have just released a new video on how to drive in Iceland. You can watch it here below and we highly, highly recommend you do that and take notes for accidents involving tourists in Iceland have been on the rise and we want to help out to stop that development.  Not only have they made that video, they have also updated their website and it’s really useful and informative. For example, they have updates on road and weather conditions. Easy to read and understand. The one to the right is from the 8th of July, 2016.

Weather and road alerts for IcelandIf you go on their website, you will see it on the upper left corner, hit “ALERTS” and you will get the very latest news of road and weather condition in Iceland.

Inspired by Iceland are also doing their best to help our guests to be better prepared before getting a rental car and setting off on a road trip. They have started a “school” they call Iceland Academy. You can enroll for free and participate in “classes” and take exams. If you happen to be one of the highest in your class, you might win a whole truckload full of winnings such as free flight, hotels, whale watching and what not, all because you have acquired a knowledge of Iceland! This contest has a deadline and that is the 30th of August, 2016 so hurry up and sign up. Worst case scenario is you will be better prepared to drive in Iceland. A win win situation.



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Driving a Camper van or a Motorhome

How to drive a camper van in IcelandOur bigger rental camper vans and motor homes are delightful to drive but they do require a little bit of extra attention due to their physical size. There are two things to have in mind. First it’s the wind. If there are wind warnings, you need to be extra cautious or even cancel the trip to the area where are warnings for the biggest camper van and motor home do take a bit of wind and you need to be aware of that when there are wind warnings.

Another thing to have in mind is that our biggest rental camper van and motor home are a little bit heavier than our smaller ones which will affect your breaking and driving on unpaved roads.

How to drive a motor home in IcelandYou need to slow down even more before entering a curve you do not know how it looks. Driving on gravel can at times be like driving on snow. You need to adapt to the different types of roads you might encounter, in other words, the slower, the safer.

No insurance covers any accidents with a camper van or motor-home that happens on F-roads. The only cars that are allowed to drive on F-roads are 4×4. That includes fording rivers. No motor-home or camper are allowed to drive through a river.

While enjoying a camping trip in Iceland, just take your time, enjoy the sites, the landscapes and the people you meet on the road. And remember, if you have any questions, we are ready to answer them at rent@rent.is.  We want to help you to plan your dream vacation in Iceland.


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Happy camping!  #WohoCamper

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