Winner CamperStories March 2017

So finally we all got together to try to find out who should win the March CamperStories winner. We really want most of you guys to win. You all pour your love, ingenuity and pure brilliance into your entries. Some of you dedicate your stories to help your fellow traveler while others are on a journey of self-discovery, sharing your thoughts so generously. Whatever your approach is, we are deeply touched by your engagement in these stories, allowing us to portray Iceland from so many angles.

Icelanders have a saying: “Glöggt er gests auga“, meaning “Keen is the eye of the guest” which is so true with you guys. You do have such keen eyes, even helping us to see details of the country we live in and we thank you for it so much. We are humbled!

Now back to business. Again, there were arguments, heated discussions as to who should wear the March 2017 crown and receive a full refund of their camper van hire. (up to 7 days) but we managed to come up with one winner. This time we thought the winner came with a totally new approach, added with brilliant humor, fun pictures and an honest encounter of their experience of what Iceland can be!

Without further ado, the winner of the March 2017 CamperStories competition is:

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

is SOPHIE DEAL and her boyfriend Adam with their story:

A guide to South Iceland – Fire, Frost & Fart Shark

A big congratulation to you guys. We thought your story was so funny and with the addition of the cartoons, we all agreed that your story brought something new to the table that we all enjoyed. Thank you so much for your entry and thank you all for March. We truly enjoy them all!


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Happy Camping!  #CamperStories review

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