Winner CamperStories Apr-May 2018

As April only saw one CamperStories entry, we were forced to add it to the May competition, among many superb stories. Not making the jury job any easier but it’s such a treat to read them all. So many of you are also such accomplished photographers which always decorates the stories so well.  Since the judging is only based on personal preference and not a mathematical procedure (above the thousand words & five pic/video rule), these sitting takes time. Add to that, it’s high season making the jury assembly even harder than usual. But, we did manage to have a sit down and decide who would be crowned a CamperStories winner. So as not to prolong the waiting pain, it is our honor to to present the next winner. The winner is…..

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

.. is Julia Kemp & Shane Stiles with their lovely story

Nine days on the Ring road

A story packed with lovely pictures to to frame the well written travel story so a BIG congratulations to the pair of you. A job well done.  You will now be refunded for your camper van rental, up to 7 days. We suggest you come again to Iceland with that money! 🙂

Vik by night

Now it’s time to get the rest of the months behind together. The judging is not getting easier for the ambition with you guys goes up and up all the time. So hang in there to find out who will be the winner for June 2018.

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